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NOTE: This is an official Second Life API provided and documented by Linden Lab. Its use is subject to the API Terms of Use.

The custom name program enables qualified users to pay for special custom user names.

General information

  • Custom name requests may not be ordered on behalf of, or billed to, a second party. First party requests only please.
  • It may take up to four weeks to fulfill a custom name request, although we are usually able to do this within 2 weeks. You will be notified if the name is approved, and again when it is created and your account billed.
  • Please make sure that the Second Life account you intend to own the custom name has complete billing information or enough funds so that your account does not become delinquent when the custom name is billed.
  • Names must have at least two (2) characters; there is no real maximum. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed; no punctuation or special characters. Names are case-sensitive, so carefully review upper/lower case!
  • Linden Lab cannot transfer content to new accounts.
  • All requests are processed in the order of their arrival.
  • We regret that we cannot provide you with status information about your request.


KBcaution.png Important: This program is not an avenue for changing your current SL name.

A custom name request that appears to be an infringement of copyrights or trademarks will not be approved. If you have permission to use a copyrighted name or mark, you must submit proof with your request.

Custom surnames

Upon creation of a custom surname, the account designated as owner will be billed a US$500 setup fee plus the first annual US$500 fee. On each anniversary date, the owner will be billed US$500 to retain custom surname ownership. Last names must clearly be an organizational or corporate name, and distinguished from personal last names (surnames). For example, "Smith" is not acceptable, but "SmithCorp," "SmithInc," "SmithProducts" or "SmithConstruction" are. Linden Lab will consider names that are clearly made up or composite (for example, "SecondLife" or "Agilent").

  • To create additional accounts, the custom surname owner must apply for and use the Registration API. You may create as many additional accounts as you need (the initial limit is 500 per day, but you may request a higher limit).
  • At this time we do not provide bulk account registration for your custom surname. You must use the Reg API.
  • Review the Registration API documentation before you submit a custom surname request to be sure that you have the capabilities to create additional accounts.
  • The custom surname owner to be billed must be the same account to apply for the Reg API.
  • Approved non-profit and educational requests will receive a 30% discount on these fees.

Request procedure

Please complete the requested information and email to

  1. Requested Surname:
  2. RL name of Surname owner:
  3. SL name of Surname owner/RegAPI applicant:
  4. Email of requestor:
  5. Contact information pertaining to copyright or trademark:


  • Verify that you can use the Reg API to create accounts. The problem may be your capabilities URL or your Reg API script.
  • If you're using a Reg API account to create accounts using a custom name and can't see the Custom Last Name in the names list, you're probably not using the account that was the billing account for the Custom Last Name. You will need to request a new Reg API account with the same account as was the billing account for the Custom Last Name.
  • If you want to only display your custom name, you'll have to write code to parse the name list we return or to force your custom name as the last name choice for the registrant.
  • URI_GET_LAST_NAMES returns an associative array where the keys are the ids and the values are the last names. The PHP asort function sorts based on the values:
 $last_names = llsd_get(URI_GET_LAST_NAMES);