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NOTE: This is an official Second Life API provided and documented by Linden Lab. Its use is subject to the API Terms of Use.

The Reg API has a detailed set of error codes, to help you handle user and software errors. To see a list of the error codes, use the get_error_codes operation. See the API Reference for more information.

Error codes

The Reg API provides the error codes shown in the following table.

Code Message Description
10 missing required field You are missing one of the required fields
11 invalid post Could not parse post body submitted.
12 unallowed extra field You are including a field that is not being used
50 invalid last name id Last name id does not exist
51 invalid username Username is not valid (must be alphanumeric between 2-31 characters)
52 invalid user The user requested does not exist
53 invalid start_local_x start_local_x must be between 0-256
54 invalid start_local_y start_local_y must be between 0-256
55 invalid start_local_z start_local_z must be between 0-4000
56 invalid start_look_at_x start_look_at_x must be between -1 and 1
57 invalid start_look_at_y start_look_at_y must be between -1 and 1
58 invalid start_look_at_z start_look_at_z must be between -1 and 1
59 invalid agent_id agent_id does not exist
60 invalid group id Failed to find group requested
61 invalid experience_id The requested experience does not exist
62 invalid avatar_id The requested avatar does not exist
63 invalid start_region_name Start location region does not exist
64 invalid limited_to_estate Limited estate cannot be set to an estate does not exist
65 invalid url length Success and Error URLs must be 500 or fewer characters in length.
66 invalid maximum maturity Maximum maturity must be G(eneral), M(oderate), or A(dult).
67 invalid email address Not a valid email
70 banned username Username is on the banned list
71 user exists User with specified username and last_name_id already exists
72 missing orientation island or start location You cannot set up a user to be on an estate without either 1) the estate having an orientation island or 2) setting the user's start location to a region that is in the estate
100 no perm user only the original registrar of this user can set values for it
101 no perm last name id You are not allowed to register a user with this last name id
102 no perm experience only administrators of an experience can add users to it
103 no perm upgrade only original registrar of user can upgrade
104 no perm start_region_name You do not have permission to place a user in this region, because you do not own the estate that it is in
105 no perm limited_to_estate Limited estate cannot be set to an estate you do not own, besides mainland (estate_id = 1)
106 invalid group perm not allowed to add members to this group
107 timeout perm user the registrar can no longer set values for this user
108 already logged this user has already logged in and cannot have values modified by their registrar
109 already activated this user has already activated their account
130 group set failed failed to set active group
131 group set exists the group operation attempted has already been completed
300 wrong type username username must be type string
301 wrong type last_name_id last_name_id must be type integer
303 wrong type limited_to_estate limited_to_estate id must be type integer
304 wrong type start_region_name start_region_name must be type string
305 wrong type start_local_x start_local_x must be type real
306 wrong type start_local_y start_local_y must be type real
307 wrong type start_local_z start_local_z must be type real
308 wrong type start_look_at_x start_look_at_x must be type real
309 wrong type start_look_at_y start_look_at_y must be type real
311 wrong type start_look_at_z start_look_at_z must be type real
312 wrong type agent_id user id must be type UUID
313 wrong type avatar_id avatar id must be type UUID
314 wrong type experience_id experience id must be type UUID
315 wrong type success_url success url must be type URI
316 wrong type error_url error url must be type URI
317 wrong type first 'first' must be type string
318 wrong type last 'last' must be type string
319 wrong type group_name group name must be type string
320 wrong type marketing_emails marketing emails must be type boolean
321 wrong type maximum_maturity maximum maturity must by type string
500 over registration limit you have registered over your maximum amount of users you can register in a 24 hour period.
600 invalid credentials Invalid credentials.
1500 unhandled exception There was an unhandled exception attempting to process this request. Please contact support with the endpoint you were attempting to access.