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Function: integer llDerezObject( key id, integer flag );

Derezzes an object previously rezzed from within the object containing the script.
Returns an integer Returns success or failure.

• key id The ID of an object in the region.
• integer flag Deletion options.


Deletes, or marks temp, an object that was previously rezzed by this script. The object's root prim must have been previously rezzed from a script within this object. If the object is successfully deleted this function returns TRUE, if it fails for any reason it returns false.

Constant Value Description
DEREZ_DIE 0 Immediately delete the object.
DEREZ_MAKE_TEMP 1 Mark the object as temporary so that the simulator will remove the object at a later time.


  • The targeted object's rezzer must be the same as the object hosting this script
  • The target must not be an attachment
  • The target must be copyable
  • The target's owner must be the same as the script's owner.
  • When marking an object as temporary, the object must not contribute to the navmesh.
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function integer llDerezObject( key id, integer flag );