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Function: list llGetExperienceDetails( key experience_id );

Returns a list of details about the experience. This list has 6 components: [string experience_name, key owner_id, key experience_id, integer state, string state_message, key group_id]

• key experience_id The ID of the experience to query.

If experience_id is NULL_KEY, then information about the script's experience is returned. In this situation, if the script isn't associated with an experience, an empty list is returned.


       touch_start(integer total_number)
           key xp = "9170c22b-f445-ea5d-89fa-0f2f1e144f04";
           llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(llGetExperienceDetails(xp), "\n"));
           // Prints:
           // Linden Realms
           // id
           // status msg
           llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(llGetExperienceDetails(NULL_KEY), "\n"));
           // Print nothing if not associated with an XP or info about the associated experience



For a script to be associated with an Experience...

  • It must be compiled with a client that is Experience aware,
  • The "Use Experience" checkbox must be checked,
  • And one of the users Experience keys selected.
KBcaution.png Important: Not all TPVs have this functionality.

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Deep Notes


  • BUG-7048 - llGetExperienceDetails returns 4 for state and "operation not permitted" for state_message while over mainland parcels that have the experience allowed.

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function list llGetExperienceDetails( key experience_id );