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Function: string llGetGender( key avatar );
0.0 Forced Delay
0.0 Energy

Returns a string corresponding to the "female" or "male" setting for the shape currently worn by an agent located in the same region the script is running in.

• key avatar agent UUID


Note that this feature was added under a different name, see OBJECT_BODY_SHAPE_TYPE.

string GetGender(key avatar)
    list details = llGetObjectDetails(avatar, [OBJECT_BODY_SHAPE_TYPE]);
    if (details == []) return ""; // key not found
    float gender = llList2Float(details, 0);
    if (gender < 0.0)   return "object";
    if (gender == 0.0)  return "female";
    if (gender < 0.5)   return "somewhat feminine"
    if (gender == 0.5)  return "androgynous"
    if (gender < 1.0)   return "somewhat masculine"
    return "male"; 


  • Works only for agents recently located in the same region the script is running in.
    • Grid-wide GetGender could be provided via a dataserver call.
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This function only returns the gender setting on the avatar's currently worn shape, which can change at any time. Avatars do not have a set gender of their own. Information about the user's real life gender is not available. Very useful for some special kind of products like poseballs and animations, also for attaching or detaching some body parts and access rules in some regions.
Sounds useful indeed, but should probably be agent data you can fetch with llRequestAgentData.

See Also


•  llRequestAgentData

Deep Notes

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//function string llGetGender( key avatar );