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Function: integer llGetObjectPrimCount( key prim );

Returns an integer that is the total number of prims in the object that contains prim.

• key prim prim UUID that is in the same region

Avatars sitting on the object are not counted[1]. Zero is returned if prim: (A) is not found, (B) is part of an attachment[2], or (C) is not a prim.


  • This cannot be used to detect if an avatar is seated (by checking for a non-zero return), use llGetAgentInfo instead.
  • The prim count for attachments are not returned[2]. If possible use llGetNumberOfPrims instead.
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    touch_start(integer num)
        integer prims = llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey());
        if (prims == 0)
            // llGetObjectPrimCount returns zero for attachments.
            prims = llGetNumberOfPrims();
            // Avatars can't sit on attachments so this is ok.
        llOwnerSay("This object has "
                    + (string)prims
                    + " prims and "
                    + (string)(llGetNumberOfPrims() - prims)
                    + " avatars.");

See Also


•  llGetNumberOfPrims Returns the number of prims in the current object.

Deep Notes

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  1. ^ llGetNumberOfPrims on the other hand does count avatars sitting on the object.
  2. ^ Whether the attachment exception is a bug or a feature is unclear.


function integer llGetObjectPrimCount( key prim );