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Function: string llGetParcelMusicURL( );

Returns a string containing the parcel streaming audio URL.

The object owner must also be the land owner. If the land is deeded to a group the object will need to be deeded to the same group for this function to work.


string parcel_music_url()
    string parcelMusicURL = llGetParcelMusicURL();

    if (parcelMusicURL != "")
        return parcelMusicURL;
//  else
        return "Sorry, could not retrieve parcel's music URL.\n"
            + "You'll either need to be the land owner or able to deed me.";


    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        // PUBLIC_CHANNEL has the integer value 0
        llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, parcel_music_url() );

See Also


•  llSetParcelMusicURL Sets the music stream URL for the parcel object is on

Deep Notes

  • With this function, music display boards can learn the URL that the parcel is tuned to.


  • Suggested: SCR-31
  • Server release notes for on the main channel indicate that this function was added. Testing on the main release on 19-Dec-2011 has this function compiling without error but the output is empty.
  • Tests OK on main channel as of January 22 2012

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function string llGetParcelMusicURL();