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Function: float llGetRegionTimeOfDay( );

Returns a float that is the time in seconds with subsecond precision since Second Life midnight (per the region-scoped day cycle settings) or region up-time (time since when the region was brought online/rebooted); whichever is smaller. If the region is configured so the sun stays in a constant position, then the returned value is the region up-time.

By default (without custom environment settings), Second Life day cycles are 4 hours long (3 hours of light, 1 hour of dark). The sunrise and sunset time varies slowly.


//Time will be less than 4 hours unless the sun is locked.
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        float tod = llGetRegionTimeOfDay( );
        llOwnerSay("Time since last region restart or SL midnight (based on SL 4 hour day):");
        integer hours = ((integer)tod / 3600) ;
        integer minutes = ((integer)tod / 60) - (hours * 60);
        llOwnerSay((string) tod + " seconds which is "+(string) hours+"h "+(string) minutes+"m"); 

See Also


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Deep Notes

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function float llGetRegionTimeOfDay();