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Function: list llGetVisualParams( key agentid, list params );

Returns a list of the details for agentid requested in params.

• key agentid Avatar ID in the same region.
• list params List of visual param ids or names.

An empty list if agentid is not found. An empty string, "", is returned in the place of any invalid or unknown visual parameter.


agentid Parameter

agentid holds the UUID of the avatar this function will get the visual parameters for.

params Parameter

The params list is used to indicate the visual parameters of interest. The order they are supplied in determines the order of the corresponding return values in the return list.

  • If params contains unsupported or unknown parameters, an empty string is placed in the output list.

Param ID Param Name Description
33 height
38 torso_length
80 male
198 heel_height
503 platform_height
616 shoe_height
675 hand_size
682 head_size
692 leg_length
693 arm_length
756 neck_length
814 waist_height
842 hip_length
11001 hover


Deep Notes

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function list llGetVisualParams( key agentid, list params );