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Emblem-important-red.png Security Warning!

The MD5 hashing algorithm should not be used because it is too easy to generate collisions (two inputs which result in the same hash). http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/836068


Function: string llMD5String( string src, integer nonce );

Returns a string of 32 hex characters that is the "Wikipedia logo"MD5 checksum of src with a "Wikipedia logo"salt of ":"+nonce.

• string src
• integer nonce


nonce is casted to string, then appended to src after a colon (src + ":" + nonce). This is important to know if you are calculating a hash in another language and wish to compare with one calculated in LSL. It could be written as MD5Hash(src + ":" + nonce)

The character encoding used by llMD5String is the UTF-8 format.


llSay(0, llMD5String("Hello, Avatar!", 0)); // returns 112abd47ceaae1c05a826828650434a6

Linux Example

$ echo -n 'Hello, Avatar!:0' | openssl md5

See Also


•  llSHA1String
•  llSHA256String

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function string llMD5String( string src, integer nonce );