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Function: integer llOpenFloater( string floater_name, string url, list params );

Returns an integer Error code, or 0 if no error.

• string floater_name Identifier of the viewer floater to open.
• string url URL to open in the floater.
• list params Options to apply to floater.

This function may be called only from a Linden owned experience.


The llOpenFloater function will send a request to the viewer requesting that it open a new floater with the provided title on the viewer. This function must be called from a script running within an attachment. The script must also have been compiled as part of a Linden owned experience.

If the request was successfully sent to the viewer this function will return 0.

In the event of an error the return value will be one of the values from the following table:

Constant Val Description
NOT_EXPERIENCE -1 The script is not complied as part of an experience, or the experience is not privileged.
NOT_ATTACHMENT -2 There was an issue finding the object, or the object is not an attachment.
BAD_AGENT -3 There was an issue finding the owner.
NOT_EXPERIENCE_PERMISSIONS -4 There was some other issue with the experience permissions.



Known valid values for the floater_name parameter:

  • guidebook
  • how_to
  • web_content

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function integer llOpenFloater( string floater_name, string url, list params );