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Emblem-important.png Deprecated
(This function has been deprecated, please use LSL_http_server instead.)


Function: llOpenRemoteDataChannel( );

Creates a channel to listen for XML-RPC calls. Will trigger a remote_data event with channel id once it is available.


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.
  • This function has been deprecated, please use LSL_http_server instead.
  • XML-RPC should not be used anymore. Use http-in instead, see LSL_http_server.
  • If an object moves from one region to another it must re-open the channel
    • The object will get the *same* channel as before, but without re-opening no requests will get through
  • Any channel that is not used for 14 days will be cleaned up.
    • May be advisable to somewhat regularly (before expected use or on a regular schedule) check that the channel is good and hasn't changed by calling llOpenRemoteDataChannel and comparing to the previous channel.
  • Note: XML-RPC requests often time-out due to the front-end server being overloaded. LL has continued to upgrade the server hardware periodically, but it has remained unreliable. LL developers have advised that the XML-RPC design isn't scalable (due to the single server bottle-neck) and that the service is "deprecated". They suggest using HTTP Polling as an alternative. If an XML-RPC request does time-out the script's remote_data event may or may not be triggered (and any script response is lost).
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    changed(integer c)
    remote_data( integer event_type, key channel, key message_id, string sender, integer idata, string sdata )
        if (event_type == REMOTE_DATA_CHANNEL) { // channel created

Deep Notes

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function void llOpenRemoteDataChannel();