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Function: float llPow( float base, float exponent );

Returns a float that is base raised to the power exponent (baseexponent)

• float base
• float exponent

Returns NaN when base is negative and exponent is not an integer (an imaginary result, (exponent != (integer)exponent) && (base < 0.0)).


  • If exponent is a static integer and not a variable, llPow is dramatically slower than simple repeated multiplication, i.e. it's much faster to do val = base*base*base instead of val = llPow(base, 3).
  • Triggers a Math Error for imaginary results if not compiled in Mono.
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default {
     state_entry() {
          llOwnerSay("llPow(5, .5) (" + (string)llPow(5, .5) + ") is equal to llSqrt(5) (" 
                      + (string)llSqrt(5) + ").");

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Deep Notes

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function float llPow( float base, float exponent );