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Function: integer llStringLength( string str );

Returns an integer that is the number of characters in str.

• string str


  • The index of the last character is not equal to the string length.
    • Character indexs start at zero (the index of the first character is zero).
  • llStringLength() gets the number of characters, not bytes
    • LSL-2 sees all strings as UTF-8
    • LSL-Mono sees all string as UTF-16
    • Both UTF-8 and UTF-16 use multibyte characters
  • Some communication functions (e.g. llHTTPResponse) are limited by number of Bytes, and work with UTF-8 strings
    • To quickly find out the number of bytes (in UTF-8), you can use llStringToBase64 (see also snippet there)
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// assumptions: 
//    object name: LSLWiki
//    script name: _lslwiki

        string HowLongAmI = "123";
        integer strlen = llStringLength(HowLongAmI);
        llOwnerSay( "'" + HowLongAmI + "' has " +(string) strlen + " characters.");
        // The owner of object LSLWiki will hear 
        // LSLWiki: '123' has 3 characters.

See Also


•  llGetListLength

Deep Notes

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function integer llStringLength( string str );