Lost Angeles Microcontinent

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A001 - Lost Angeles

Lost Angeles Microcontinent is a dark, dangerous place. The name is unofficial. It is made of 17 sims and has the temporary name A001. It is owned by a single estate, Cola.


When the Second Life Geography group started to edit the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters, this microcontinent was the first to be counted and it received the temporary name A001. Since then, the microcontinent changed its shape and increased a bit its number of sims. now, like then, it is visible on the map because it is a large dot in a place with low sim density.


Coordinates are given in sims, like at link Gridsurvey, in format: longitude (min-max) / latitude (min-max):


The entire microcontinent has low altitudes. Many sims are plains, others host small mountains, others have water access. Transportation is very easy. There are many roads. Majority of roads have blockers on, but you can easy walk by foot. Almost entire microcontinent has an urban landscape, mostly abandoned-urban. Also, you will find rural places and hounted forests. Rivers and swamps are also present. A large bridge connects the sims in North wit hthe rest of the microcontinent.

The sky is usually dark, with a mystic haze. In some places, clouds are moving very fast. Even if sometimes it becomes lighter, the sun can never be seen. Every sim has its own sky texture and its own light time.

Flying is not allowed, but scripts are allowed anywhere.


Population density is high. Unused land is not often found. Also, even if this place is dark and dangerous, the local population is friendly. The high number of roads and paths allow an easy access to all sims. Ban lines and entity orbs were not detected in our survey.


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