Toxxic Microcontinent

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Toxxic Microcontinent

Toxic Microcontinent is a group of 7 themed sims interconnected. It is a Microcontinent and is private-owned. Its temporary designation name is A171 in the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and can be located in the grid sector I11. Coordinates for this microcontinent are: 899-902/1121-1123. Overall map location is the Northern Ocean (see Oceans).

Component sims are: Dirtyland, Toxxic, Toxxic2, Depraved Nation, The Slums, District and Metropolis.

Ground texture is similar to a chess table. All sims are full with urban landscape. A large part of the continent is occuped with shops. Ban lines and entity orbs were not discovered on our survey, but travelers should beware of unexpected holes.

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