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User issues

What about group-owned land?

If all residents are allowed to rez objects, no problem (however, see note about auto-return, below).

If group members are allowed to rez objects, the MLP object must be set to the land's group.

Otherwise, the object must be deeded to the group. If the object is copy/no-xfer, your only recourse is to change the land settings to allow group to rez.

  • Note If you just deed it to group, the OPTIONS menu will no longer be available. To avoid this, before deeding it, edit the .MENUITEMS notecard and change all MENU lines to use "GROUP" rather than "OWNER". Then, anyone in the group can use the OPTIONS menu.

There is a special case, which is very confusing. If object creation is not permitted (by all or by group), but a group *role* has "always allow rez" checked, the MLP will *seem* to work when the MLP object owner is present. However, when the MLP object owner logs off (or leaves the region and is not in an adjacent region or another region on the same simulator) the MLP will no longer be able to rez poseballs, after a minute or two.

What about land auto-return?

Auto-return is only an issue if the MLPV2 product's owner is not the land owner. This note is for cases where the MLPV2 object's owner is not the land's owner, and land auto-return is enabled. It applies to both MLP and MLPV2, as well as any system that rezzes poseballs.

When auto-return is enabled, objects that are being sat upon will not disappear. This is a good thing for MLP. However, if a user hops off a ball (for example, to allow another or to trade balls), if the object return timeout has elapsed, the ball will poof. Old MLP will detect this but MLPV2 will not; and it is necessary to hit STOP and choose a new pose to resume. (MLPV2 doesn't search for the balls, to minimize lag and to allow more memory for menus and buttons.)

Builder issues

Can it rez objects?

Yes, per-pose, starting with MLPV2.1. At most one "prop" object per pose. Use PROPS.* notecard to configure; see the reference manual for details.

Can props be rezzed as worn objects?

Not really. You could rez an object that the participants can copy, take, or click to get an object that they can then wear.

Alternatively, it's possible to write an add-on script that, when a given pose is selected, gives an object to whoever's on a particular ball. This is a bit advanced; I'd recommend studying the MLPT-xciteadaptor4 script which tracks who's on which ball and knows when poses are selected. Remove the timer stuff, which could be laggy.

Can props stay rezzed rather than disappearing when you select the next pose?

Nope, sorry! You could use a "holodeck" script in a button to rez props independently of the MLPV2 menu.

Does MLPV2 support chains?

Search for CISS. Also, see MLPV2 and Chains TUTORIAL

How can I get the MLPV2 menu to come up from another script or by chat?

This applies equally to MLP and MLP2. You have to do some scripting.

Look at the touch_passer script (in MLP-tools, for MLPV2). This script sends a link-message causing MLP to post its menu. It's intended for use when MLP isn't in the root prim; you put this script in the prim you want people to be able to touch to get the menu.

If you want the menu to come up some other way, just modify this script to do what you want. For example, if you want the menu to open from a chat message, modify it to listen and send the link-message when it receives the proper command.

Can I play a sound from a sequence?

Yes. Make a menu button for the sound, the normal way. (It can be in a hidden menu.) Use the button name as the sequence step. As usual for MLPV2 sound buttons, the sound is played once. If you want it to repeat, you have to repeat the sequence. For a sequence that's longer than the sound, you may want to play the sound multiple times in the sequence.

Can we get more than 6 avatars?

Nope. You can put two MLPV2 prims in the same object and they'll get along just fine, independently. But if you need coordinated poses with more than 6 avatars, use XPOSE.