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Animations: Which are public-domain, which are not?

Note: If you want to be added to one of the lists below and don't know how to edit a wiki page, just IM Chaz Longstaff and indicate in your IM the section to add you to.

Beginning furniture makers or experimenters often don’t have the money and / or confidence yet to invest in buying licenced animations.

Here's a list of the status of animations from various animators. It's to help you determine which animations you can safely regard as being in the public domain (i.e. "freebies"), versus which ones might be illegally floating around as pirated animations. Using pirated animations -- knowingly or unknowingly, it's the same -- can cause your creations to be deleted by LL and get you a bad reputation just when you are starting out and trying to get known.

Now, just because the animations are in the public domain doesn't always make them "good quality" -- they can be dated, and show their age, which can be why they were released at a certain point for free. But when you are just started out and practising, or want to make a few things just for friends, they can be very useful.

In the lists below, "confirmed in conversation with CL" -- the CL stands for Chaz Longstaff.

Genuine freebies (last updated 19 Jan 2012)

  • Ayla Holt [5]
  • Betray Resident [5]
  • Butcher Cassidy (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Chip Midnight (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Damien Fate (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Emma Thorn (confirmed in conversation with CL 3 August 2008)
  • Fleabite Beach (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 June 2008)
  • Jayce Tearfall [5]
  • Kammie Rayna [5]
  • Linda Kellie [5]
  • linkin Slate (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Sin Delight [5]
  • Ulrika Zugzwang (from her profile, noted by CL)
  • YadNi Monde (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Yuriko Nishi (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 June 2008)

Animators whose stuff always requires a licence (last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Animator Ragu
  • Beau Perkins
  • Bella Beleza
  • Ben Stravinsky
  • Cita Boa
  • Craig Altman
  • Damen Gorilla
  • Dylan Rickenbacker
  • fana dechou
  • Furr Burt
  • Johan Durant
  • loufa Shilova
  • Medhue Simoni
  • mikeD Streeter
  • Natalie Oe (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
  • Nya Raymaker / Jolly Lovenkraft (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
  • Nytemyst Grace
  • Owain Raymaker (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
  • Parsalin Gullwing
  • Sandy Clymer
  • Sin Toshi
  • Siryn Rosse (confirmed here in this thread in old SL forums 13 Aug 2008)
  • store Allen
  • suzi sohmers
  • Sylva Petrov (entered by Sylva Petrov 20 Jan 2012)
  • Tara Bournemouth
  • trebbort subagja
  • Varon Kappler
  • webmistrex Xue (edited by webmistrex Xue 03 Jan 2012)
  • Zoe Biggles

Animators who never licence their stuff [1] (last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Abramelin Wolfe
  • Cheree Bury (confirmed here in this thread in old SL forums 13 Aug 2008)
  • Darkness Anubis
  • Desiree Bisiani (and Cheewha Palen)
  • Flip Fitzsimmons
  • Hol ALexander
  • jamie Cheeky
  • Jennifer Brennon
  • Lizz Silverstar
  • niknak Bugaboo
  • Paul Llewelyn
  • Paul Lobo
  • Phil Deakins
  • Ravanne Sullivan
  • Renee Irwin
  • Riann Maltese

Animators who produce both licenced and freebie stuff [2] (last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Darien Caldwell (confirmed in conversation)
  • Deira Llanfair (confirmed here in this thread in old SL forums 13 Aug 2008)
  • Ferran Brodsky (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Indika Herbst (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Lear Cale (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • LordJason Kiesler (confirmed in conversation with CL)
  • Starlight Kiesler (confirmed in conversation with CL)

Animators who released some freebies in the past but now never licence their stuff [3] (last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Neo Virgo (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 July 2008)
  • Owain Raymaker (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
  • Shukran Fahid (confirmed in conversation with CL 24 Aug 2008. Please do not contact him about these freebies as he is no longer in possession of them; you must obtain them from somewhere else. And, they are not supported.)

Creator no longer exists [4] (last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Cid Jacob
  • Eva Capalini

Status Uncertain

(IM’ed / emailed a minimum of 3 times, but no response. Attempts to contact them have been abandoned. Last updated September 15th, 2008)

  • Cristiano Midnight
  • Dyonis Blanc
  • Gwinivere Grayson
  • Kiari LeFay
  • Kris Gullwing
  • Launa Fauna
  • Michael Firefly
  • Princess Medici
  • Remo Yossarian
  • stephenpaul Bliss (reportedly no longer active in SL; status of his animations uncertain.)
  • Sine Wave (various creators). Released the following genuine freebies: Lime Jelly, Hipster, We love you girl, and We love you boy. There is a full-perm version of Caramel circulating, but its release was accidental.


[1] if you see these animations being used by anyone but them, they are likely pirated.

[2] You need to check with these animators when free stuff created by them comes into your hands.

[3] These people released some stuff as freebies in the distant past, but now only produce animations for their own use, and never licence any of these current ones out.

[4] An effort was made at clarification but no real determination of status was possible owing to the accounts having been deleted from SL. Use at your own risk.

[5] Ayla Holt and Kammie Rayna were avatars used by Linda Kellie. Public domain status in all OpenSim or SL grids was confirmed on 17 January 2012 in conversation with Reven Rosca. Also confirmed on Linda's website, (link valid as of 19 January 2012), from where the source files for her animations can be downloaded.