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(Perhaps you mean Materials?)

Feature Design Document


Functional Spec

  • Materials are Stone, Metal, Glass, Wood, Flesh, Plastic, Rubber, and Light(deprecated).
  • Material can be changed via script, llSetPrimitiveParams.
  • Material can be changed via UI,j Edit window > Object tab > Materials.
    • PRIM_MATERIAL_LIGHT is deprecated and cannot be set via the UI, but can still be set via script, llSetPrimitiveParams. Any light made this way is "Fullbright" and does not cast light onto objects around it, it only appears to be brightly lit. You can also get this same effect by simply checking the Full Bright option in the Texture tab.
    • PRIM_MATERIAL_LIGHT was deprecated because we have a new, more definable, light in the Features tab.
    • PRIM_MATERIAL_LIGHT merely makes the object appear Full Bright
  • Material does affect the Mass of a primitive but all material types affect the Mass equally.
  • Material affects the friction of a primitive.
    • Glass is the most slippery.
    • Rubber is the most bouncy (Rubber to rubber collisions use maximum bounciness)
    • Flesh is the least bouncy (Flesh to flesh collisions will never bounce)
  • Material affects the collision sound an object makes by default.

Test scripts


Discussion for future improvements


Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.


llGetMass - make sure objects are still the same mass.

llGetObjectMass - make sure objects are still the same mass.

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