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Message Layout

	MeanCollisionAlert Low Trusted Zerocoded
		MeanCollision		Variable
		{	Victim			LLUUID	}
		{	Perp			LLUUID	}
		{	Time			U32		}
		{	Mag				F32		}
		{	Type			U8		}

Usage and Notes

This is used to tell the client about the stuff that shows up under Help -> Bumps, Pushes and Hits. Since it can get pretty hectic, more than one MeanCollision can be included in each packet.

Mag is the velocity of the avatar/item/push on you. Victim should always be the agents id. It would appear this is included because the message was sent to another server for logging, same with Time.

Type values

Type Value Notes
Invalid 0 Not used for anything.
Bump 1 Bumped with an avatar.
llPushObject 2 When an object uses llPushObject on your avatar.
Selected Object Collide 3 When somebody whacks you with something they have selected.
Scripted Object Collide 4 When an object that has a script in it collides with you.
Physical Object Collide 5 When an object that is physical collides with you.

See also:

Official Client Behavior

Time and Mag are replaced in internal list when both Perp and Type match.

In a prelude message is ignored. Its acceptable to smack somebody in a prelude as much as you want. (only from the viewers perspective.)

Removes any busy cursor if one is currently displayed. (Why?)