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This page is the summary for the Mentor Francophone group in order to view the complete documentation of the groups activities.

Logo / Founder / Total groupe Member

Surfaqua Oh

Total groupe member:52

Last update: 02.18.2009

Group Charter: Tao of Volunteers

Mission Focus & Statement

  • Main Focus: New Resident Basics - General Help
  • Other: French speaking Mentor, General Classes.
Group who volunteer to help new and seasoned Residents.. Meeting, greeting and answering questions is our specialty! We are a subgroup of Second Life group of mentors. We also are helping to translate into french wiki, notecards and more.

Requirements to Join

Entrants must be either Second Life Mentors or Second Life Apprentice Mentors / French speaking .

Best Practices:

Volunteer Sponsored Classes , SL Volunteer Education Center

Group Representatives / Group Documentarians

  • Group Representatives:

- Surfaqua Oh

- Tom32 Anatine

  • Group Documentarians:

- Surfaqua Oh

- Tom32 Anatine

- julhien Hotaling

Group Owner & Officer

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