North Sansara Sea Forts

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North Sansara Forts

They are visible on map in North-West part of Sansara, just North to the Color sims. This part of the continent is formed by 10 submerged sims, 6 of them hosting a building on top of an island. They form an important navigation route that connects Bay City with Purple Docks and even to Heterocera. The forts are usually white-colored, clearly visible on map. These sims are a bit newer then the continent, for sure newer then the Color Sims.


The 10 sims are linked together East-West, formng a long navigable passage. Altitude is low, except for the islands. Sea floor is not smooth, small dunes might exist, but not too elevated. Access is possible even with the largest ships. All land is Protected Land and all land allows vehicles entry, except for a small and very long parcel, protecting the sims in South.

Since all sims are protected land and water is deep, this is the best place for sailing with big ships. Almost all time, there are no boats here. One Yava script pod gives access to all the forts.


Gisela Fort

From West to East, there are the following sims:

  • Grifo is completely submerged, without any buildings and forts
  • Bertrada hosts a boat race line and a fortress
  • Gisela hosts a fortress and submerged rocks
  • Adelais hosts a fortress and submerged rocks
  • Lothair hosts a fortress.
  • Hildegarde hosts a fortress and sbmerged rocks.
  • Theodrada hosts submerged ruins and a lot of vegetation.
  • Luitgard hosts an island with a wrecked ship and undersea vegetation and stones. Also, it has a rezz zone.
  • Valda hosts some yellow, modern, undresea structures.
  • Cyclops is completely submerged, without any building. Sea floor is smooth. It is included in ANWR Channel, most used of all Transcontinental Channels.

Nearby structures

ANWR sim hosts an oceanic oil platform. It is North to Cyclops. South to Cyclops, there are the Purple Docks, with a rezz zone and entry point of the GSLR railway.

Maroon and Aich sims are also submerged places, South to Luitgard sim. Maroon hosts the most impressive of all railway bridges.

Swanhild sim is South to Grifo and it is the first from a long group of water sims that allow access to Bay City.


Hildegarde Fort
  1. Bertrada Fort is a squared structure, with columns of white marble and with a clue giver in its center. Access is not easy because there are stones below water.
  2. Gisela Fort is has also the form of a square, but it has stronger walls of white marble, with a fountain in center. Water is flowing from a monument. There are many plants around.
  3. Adelais Fort is round-shaped, smaller and built also with white marble. Most interesting is the egetation found on its columns.
  4. Lothair Fort is big, with many rooms and with furniture. All is built of white marble. There are aven paintings on the walls. By the way it looks, it has some Islamic influence.
  5. Hildegarde is a round-shaped fort, with a lake in its center and 3 linked buildings. There is a statue above the lake that creates a waterfall from a glowing crescent. Again, all is built of white marble. There are also decorative plants.
  6. The undersea stones in Theodrada are probably the remants of another fortress.
  7. Valda Wave Power Hub is not a fortress, but an experimental power plant, producing electricity from the ocean.

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