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[LENGTH] 02:00


[OVERVIEW] This test covers much of the notecard functionality.



[0010] Open your Inventory; left-click on Create from Inventory toolbar, and select New Note.

[0020] Open New Note. It should be blank, and have a timestamp in the description field.

[0030] Type a few lines of text into it.

[0030.0010] Place your cursor at the beginning of the second line of text. Hit Backspace and verify the preceding space is removed as expected.

[0040] Save new changes to the Note. Close Note window. Left-double click on the Note in your Inventory to re-open it. The text should still be there.

[0050] Make a small edit. Don't save it. Close it. It should ask you if you want to save. Click Save. Re-open Note in your Inventory again. The text should all be there.

[0060] Make another small edit in Note. Don't save it. Close it. Answer "Don't Save" to the question. Re-open Note. You should have the old version of your text. Keep Note open.

[0070] Right-click on the ground, select Create and make a default cube. In the Edit window, select Edit mode to get out of Create mode. Select More to expand Edit Window. Change the Name to "note test object". Go to the Texture tab and select a unique texture by left clicking on the Texture Picker window. Close Edit window and take it into your inventory.

[0080] Try to drag and drop Note Test Object into the note from your Inventory. You should get a message saying "Only items with unrestricted 'next owner' permissions can be attached to notecards."

[0090] Rez Note Test Object on the ground. Right click on Note Test Object, then select Edit. Under the General Tab, select Copy and Modify for "Next owner can:". Resell/Giveaway should also be selected. Close Edit window.

[0090.0010] Take Note Test Object back into inventory.

[0100] Drag and drop Note Test Object into the note from your Inventory. In the Note, it should appear as an icon, followed with the BLUE text "note test object". The item should still be in your inventory — you made a copy.

[0110] Drag and drop a calling card into the note. You should not be allowed to do so.

[0120] Drag and drop one each of these objects into the note: body part, clothing item, landmark, note card, script, sound, and texture. Make sure modify/copy/transfer is enabled for next owner permissions. Each case should get you an icon plus the name in blue text.

[0130] Save the note. Close it. Open it. All items should still be there.

[0140] Double-click on each item. Verify the following behavior, but don't take into inventory yet:

[0140.0010] Body part - Offers to copy into inventory

[0140.0020] Clothing - offers to copy into inventory

[0140.0030] Landmark - offers to "copy & show on map" or just copy into inventory

[0140.0040] Note card - opens an empty preview window with a "Keep" and "Discard" button

[0140.0050] Script - offers to copy into inventory

[0140.0060] Object - offers to copy into inventory

[0140.0070] Sound - offers to copy into inventory and plays the sound

[0140.0080] Texture - opens preview with a "Copy to Inventory" button

[0150] Click on the landmark - opens landmark dialog with "Teleport" and "Show on Map" buttons. Click "Show on Map" button. Verify you can track it on the map, and the position appears correct.

[0160] Click on the texture. Click the "copy to inventory" button. Verify a copy of the texture appears in your inventory. Verify you can put it on an object.

[0170] Select all the text by pressing Ctrl-A. Copy all the text. Paste it once over the existing text. All the icons should appear correct. Paste it again at bottom of notecard. Now you should have two copies of the text, with the icons still in place. Verify that both texture icons open the same, correct texture.

[0180] Select all the text. Paste it into a Windows program, like notepad. Verify the text appears. Known bug: Icons will be replaced by strange characters.

[0190] Copy all the text. Make a new note. Paste it into that note. All the icons should appear the same as they were from the original note.

[0200] Open both the old note and the new note. Verify that you can drag and drop icons from the old note to the new note.

[0210] Verify that you can drop an object icon out of the note into the world.

[0220] Verify that you can drop an object icon back into a folder in your inventory other than the "objects" folder.

[0230] Verify that home, end, page up, page down, ctrl-home, ctrl-end, ctrl-left, and ctrl- right move the cursor as in windows text editors. Verify that holding down shift with all of the above commands both moves the cursor and selects text as it does in windows.

[0240] Make sure you have the calling card of another user. Open their profile panel. Drop the note on the profile to send it via IM.

[0250] Verify that the other user receives the note. Verify that at least two of the icons can be copied into their inventory. The note will be editable — this is by design.