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Message Layout

	OfferCallingCard Low NotTrusted Unencoded
		AgentData		Single
		{	AgentID		LLUUID  }
		{	SessionID	LLUUID  }
		AgentBlock			Single
		{	DestID			LLUUID	}
		{	TransactionID	LLUUID	}

Usage and Notes

Used to offer someone a calling card. TransactionID should be a randomly generated UUID.

Official Client Behavior


Destination must be an avatar and within visible range. TransactionID is a randomly generated UUID by the client.


Sender is determined from AgentID in AgentData on the receiving side. Client checks if sender is an avatar, and then tries to locate the objects NV data for first and last name. Silently fails if sender is not found. Declined automatically if busy or muted.

See also AcceptCallingCard : DeclineCallingCard