Paris Microcontinent

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Paris Microcontinent (including tram)

A223 or Paris 1900 is a Microcontinent identified at Coordinates 588-591/925-925, Grid Sector E9, Far West Ocean.


These 4 sims are all what is left from a much more complex French estate. In past, it covered many sims. With massive help from devoted French people, these 4 sims have survived and will survive from now on.

The City

All land is themed urban land, with large, paved streets and multi-floored buildings. Of great interest there is a tram that circles accross all the city. Unlike any other urban settlement on the grid, Paris is a place with more open spaces. Vegetation is not found anywhere (even if there are a few parks and gardens), but distance between buildings along main boulevard is beg enlugh. Another aspect is the presence of many statues. There are not only historical sculpted statues, but also dummy avatars, persons that give the impression of a populated place. Even without them, this place is populated anyway. Visitors can find many expensive shops with the last fashion of the moment. If you decide to enter a shop, make sure you have enough money.

A copy of the real Paris

The most known construction in Paris, the Eifel tower, is present here too and at exactly the same size. Unlike the real tower, the elevator was replaced with a teleporter and on top of the tower a trambuline was built for crazy divers. Many of the buildings and names used here are in fact copies of the existing ones in Paris.

Land Status

Even if this is a themed place, unconventional avatars are welcome. Land With Restricted Access was not found here.

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