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Message Layout

	RegionInfo Low NotTrusted Zerocoded
		AgentData	Single
		{	AgentID			LLUUID			}
		{	SessionID		LLUUID			}
		RegionInfo	Single
		{	SimName			Variable	1	}	
		{	EstateID		U32				}
		{	ParentEstateID	U32				}
		{	RegionFlags		U32				}
		{	SimAccess		U8				}
		{	MaxAgents		U8				}
		{	BillableFactor		F32			}
		{	ObjectBonusFactor 	F32			}
		{	WaterHeight			F32			}
		{   TerrainRaiseLimit	F32 		}
		{	TerrainLowerLimit	F32 		}
		{	PricePerMeter 		S32			}
		{	RedirectGridX 		S32			}
		{	RedirectGridY 		S32			}
		{	UseEstateSun		BOOL		}
		{	SunHour				F32			}	

Usage and Notes

RegionFlags values

Value Flag Comment
0x01 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_DAMAGE Damage system forced to on for entire region.
0x02 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_LANDMARK If agents can create landmarks anywhere within the region.(Forced on)
0x04 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_SET_HOME If agents can set their home location to anywhere within the region.(Forced on)
0x08 REGION_FLAGS_RESET_HOME_ON_TELEPORT If agents home location is set to the destination upon teleporting out of the region.
0x10 REGION_FLAGS_SUN_FIXED If the sun should not move with time.
0x20 REGION_FLAGS_TAX_FREE If taxes should not apply to this region.(Deprecated)
0x40 REGION_FLAGS_BLOCK_TERRAFORM Land cannot be changed anywhere within the region. Trees and plants may still be placed.
0x80 REGION_FLAGS_BLOCK_LAND_RESELL Land cannot be released, sold, or bought within the entire region.
0x100 REGION_FLAGS_SANDBOX Region is a sandbox and is wiped every 12 hours.(Appears deprecated.)
0x200 REGION_FLAGS_NULL_LAYER Unknown: Related to the availability of an overview world map tile.(Think mainland images when zoomed out.)
0x400 REGION_FLAGS_SKIP_AGENT_ACTION Unknown: Related to region debug flags. Possibly to skip processing of agent interaction with world.
0x800 REGION_FLAGS_SKIP_UPDATE_INTEREST_LIST Region does not update agent prim interest lists. Internal debugging option.
0x1000 REGION_FLAGS_SKIP_COLLISIONS Makes all objects phantom and or pins them in place, does not affect agents.
0x2000 REGION_FLAGS_SKIP_SCRIPTS Region does not run scripts, affects whole region.
0x4000 REGION_FLAGS_SKIP_PHYSICS Region does not run physics timesteps. All objects are frozen, including agents.
0x8000 REGION_FLAGS_EXTERNALLY_VISIBLE Region can be seen from other regions on world map. (Legacy world map option?)
0x10000 REGION_FLAGS_MAINLAND_VISIBLE(UNDEFINED) Region can be seen from mainland on world map. (Legacy world map option?)
0x20000 REGION_FLAGS_PUBLIC_ALLOWED Agents not explicitly on the access list can visit the region.
0x40000 REGION_FLAGS_BLOCK_DWELL Traffic calculations are not run across entire region, overrides parcel settings.
0x80000 REGION_FLAGS_BLOCK_FLY Flight is disabled for the entire region, overrides parcel settings.
0x100000 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_DIRECT_TELEPORT If teleports are allowed to exactly locations, if not on, agent is routed to nearest telehub. Overrides parcel settings.
0x200000 REGION_FLAGS_ESTATE_SKIP_SCRIPTS Region is not running scripts, persisted in database. Set on an estate level.
0x400000 REGION_FLAGS_RESTRICT_PUSHOBJECT Restricts the usage of the LSL llPushObject function, applies to whole region.
0x800000 REGION_FLAGS_DENY_ANONYMOUS Denys "hackers on steroids" with no payment info from entering the region.
0x1000000 REGION_FLAGS_DENY_IDENTIFIED(UNDEFINED) Denys agents with payment info from entering the region.(Legacy removed option.)
0x2000000 REGION_FLAGS_DENY_TRANSACTED(UNDEFINED) Denys agents with payment info that has been used from entering the region.(Legacy removed option.)
0x4000000 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_PARCEL_CHANGES Parcels within the region may be joined or divided by anyone, not just estate owners/managers.
0x8000000 REGION_FLAGS_ABUSE_EMAIL_TO_ESTATE_OWNER Abuse reports sent from within this region are sent to the estate owner defined email.
0x10000000 REGION_FLAGS_ALLOW_VOICE Voice can be enabled within the region.
0x20000000 REGION_FLAGS_BLOCK_PARCEL_SEARCH Removes the ability from parcel owners to set their parcels to show in search.
0x40000000 REGION_FLAGS_DENY_AGEUNVERIFIED Denys agents who have not been age verified from entering the region.