Release Notes/Second Life RC Magnum/10

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  • Released: 2011-01-05
  • Features
    • Running same code as main channel (Second Life Server release notes)
    • Compression feature enabled
      This compresses the data sent between regions when teleporting or crossing region boundaries. During this RC phase, it will only show improvement when going between two Magnum regions.

  • Deployed: 2010-11-10
  • Sims running same code as main channel
  • Using new Inventory API backend-service
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-6503: A folder with one or more items currently worn will not show the un-worn items also in that folder

  • Deployed: 2010-11-03
  • Features
    • Enable tcmalloc-1.6 by default to help with memory and performance debugging.
    • Simulator disk operations moved into threads for performance reasons.
    • Inventory Capabilities are enabled.
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-583: Five minute wait due to "System Logging You Out" happens every time when wearing scripted attachments.
    • SVC-6399: Online friends not showing online
    • Several stuck presence issues resolved.
    • Several simulator crash fixes.
  • Known Issues
    • SVC-6501: Meta-bug to collect reports of inventory issues with the new Inventory API.
    • SVC-6503: Inventory: folders with many items, and some of those items are worn, don't show the un-worn items.