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To learn more about the last major Second Life Viewer release, see the comprehensive Second Life Viewer Release Notes.

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Release Notes for SL Viewer v2.6.0 (225006) - Second Life Release

Released March 29, 2011

Feature Highlights

  • Select a Viewer Mode on Login! - This Beta includes a new Basic mode, in addition to the familiar Advanced mode. Both modes are available to everyone on the login screen (use the 'Mode' pick list to select - changing the default mode requires a Second Life restart).
    • Basic mode presents a simplified Viewer experience, providing new users with an easier introduction to Second Life. It includes simple communication and navigation tools, a choice of 24 pre-configured avatars, and an integrated Destination Guide to help you quickly connect with friends and easily find interesting places to visit. Basic mode does not include voice capability, building tools, or the ability to purchase virtual goods (no access to Linden dollars or your inventory). Users installing Second Life for the first time will default to Basic mode.
    • Advanced mode includes the full Viewer feature set, for those of you already familiar with Second Life. For existing users, Second Life will startup with Advanced mode as the default.

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • STORM-1014 Viewer crash in LLSurface::getWaterHeight
  • STORM-1026 Viewer crashes while trying to reset Graphics quality
  • STORM-1046 Crash in LWorld::removeRegion
  • STORM-1047 Crash at LLViewerObjectList::renderObjectsForMap(LLNetMap &) [secondlife-bin llviewerobjectlist.cpp]
  • STORM-1049 Crash at LLViewerFetchedTexture::forceToSaveRawImage(int,bool) [secondlife-bin llviewertexture.cpp]
  • STORM-1052 Crash at LLVOCacheEntry::~LLVOCacheEntry() line 138
  • STORM-1053 Crash at LLTextureCache::writeToCache line
  • STORM-1059 Possible crash on llassert_always(purge_list.size() >= entries_to_purge);


  • STORM-28 As a User, I want the ability to send my calling card to others
  • STORM-236 Allow the "Speak" button to be removed, like other buttons
  • STORM-969 Viewer updates to support land owner categories in the Parcel API

Bug Fixes

  • STORM-494 Message Well window is undocked while opening Side bar
  • STORM-980 Appearance panel / Wear button is too wide
  • STORM-990 The arrow in the bottom right of the Landmark panel points down
  • STORM-1001 Viewer needlessly hits the "ObjectMedia" cap with thousands of requests
  • STORM-1015 Unable to select right Login Landmark when its name is not unique
  • STORM-1020 It is sometimes necessary to press ALT+CTRL+D twice to get the Debug menu on the login screen
  • STORM-1021 Viewer shows "L$300" instead of object IM details if object sends an IM from another region
  • STORM-1037 Remove the 'Hide URL' checkbox for media URLs because it is misleading
  • STORM-1045 [VWR-24917] Nearby chat history is displaying both Display Names and user.names when the Display Name is not changed from default

Translation and Localization Updates

  • STORM-1040 Text that shows what Beacons you are viewing is always in English
  • VWR-22532 [TRUNCATION]
  • VWR-23494 [LOCALIZATION - GERMAN] Group invitation: A word is missing
  • VWR-24992 Buttons 'Invite' and 'Eject' not available (Portuguese)

Source and Build Changes

  • STORM-991 Parser warning on Inventory floater construction
  • STORM-1067 has incorrect case for "Rez" command on case-sensitive Macs
  • STORM-1073 [VWR-24520] Don't use pkg_check_modules( ... QUIET ) on CMake < 2.8.2
  • VWR-24754 floater_script_search.xml

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Known Issues


Avatar Picker: It may be possible to wear two outfits at the same time

  • Selecting an avatar from the avatar picker can result in 2 outfits being worn in minimal skin - This issue may occur if a second avatar is selected before the first one chosen has been fully applied.

Destinations Guide: Many locations are Moderate and not available to teens

  • Teen Users cannot visit many of the locations presented in the Destination Guide.

Avatar Picker: Wearing outfits multiple times creates duplicates in inventory

  • Multiple copies of outfits in inventory when using avatar picker - This problem occurs when an outfit is worn more than once during a Second Life session.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.6.0 (225006), 2.5.2 (223426), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 2.6.1 (224685).