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KBwarning.png Warning: This advice based on (extensive) resident experience but cannot be endorsed by Linden Lab.

Accepted issues

Type 1

  • Defective sim border crossing prims, which cause vehicles to pass through apparent phantom prims and get stuck/crash.
  • Non-phantom signs near sim borders.
  • Incorrect parcel permissions (zero return time, push allowed, object entry disabled, scripts disabled, flight disabled).
  • Resident owned obstructions.
  • Requesting Linden/Mole prims/land be changed to allow better access from a resident owned parcel.
  • Incorrectly named parcels.

Type 2

  • Dialogue box spammers, with range set to catch route travellers (item givers, group inviters etc).

Type 3

  • Ghost prims.


  • Non-repeating automated local chat messages triggered by avatars along the routes are generally tolerated, though if excessive it might be worth reporting.
  • Automated vehicles, unless contravening TOS and Community Guidelines.[1]
  • Ugly stuff alongside the routes, one persons frog is anothers prince!
  • Prims overhanging route parcel borders which do not cause an obstruction.
  • Recently abandoned vehicles, not yet returned. If they remain after they should have been returned then treat as ghost prims.

What to do if you discover a problem

Type 1

A support ticket needs to be made, there is a good guide at this blog entry: Getting Answers and Help from the DPW. It is recommended that you add "FAO DPW:" to the first text entry box, this helps filter the issue to LDPW[2]. Please explain the problem as clearly as you can, including images, edited to highlight issues if required. Remember, the easier you make it for LDPW, the faster the fix!

Note 1: tickets to LDPW can also be used to request a rez-zone in areas where they are lacking, to suggest new routes if LDPW adopting abandoned land will create a useful route, or extend an existing one.
Note 2: if a resident owned obstruction appears to be accidental, it is often worth contacting the owner, giving the slurl of the obstruction. We all have editing accidents from time to time!

Type 2

The abuse report system is best for these. If possible, locate the spammer and right click it, choosing "Report Abuse" from the menu. If you cannot locate the spammer, use the option at the top (Help menu). Always include a screenshot! Once the abuse report window is open, if you need to find the owners name, select "mute" on the dialogue box, your mute list will open and the newest entry will show highlighted. It is important that you do this only after the abuse report window is open, or else you will be unable to show the dialogue box with the screenshot. Fill out a report under the "Unwanted advert spam" category.

Type 3

A sim restart is required, make a support ticket under the following headings:

Land & Region > Report an offline region

Please include the full sim details, found using the help menu > About Second Life. The details will look something like this:

You are at 256549.5, 261343.9, 133.9 in Rivata located at (

Second Life RC LeTigre

This works and is accepted, despite the apparent incorrect heading for the ticket, because it is forwarded to the department with the abilities to easily re-start sims. Past experience has shown that often the sim is restarted after less than an hour!

Other Issues

  • Bugs should be dealt with using the PJIRA site.
  • Griefing should be dealt with using the normal Abuse Report facility.

Other Information

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