Schwartzland Sim Group

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I11 sector

A170 is the temporary name of Schwartzland Sim Group. It is placed in Grid Sector I11, that is North to Heterocera and Caledon - Winterfel. It has Coordinates 989-995/1119-1126, that places it inside Little Northern Ocean.

The most interesting aspect is its form. This sim group looks like a crucifix, with a central crouce formed of 5 sims (Schwartzmarkt in center), followed by 4 distant sims. They all belong to a single estate.

This place has something in common with Shopping Continent. Almost all land is full with shops and parcels that are not occupied by shops are for sale or for rent. Infrastructure is well developed, the road system allows you to travel along the central sims. Most populated sim is the central one, that looks like a mall. Land is flat, without mountains or water.

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