Scripting Certification/Core/Basic

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All Intermediate and Advanced Scripting Certifications require a Core Scripting Certification.

Study Guide

Syntax & Logic


  • comment syntax
  • When to use comments




  • function syntax
  • How to call a function


  • state syntax
    • How to define a state
    • How to call a state


  • How to find bugs in scripts
  • How to track down bugs in script communications

Asset Permissions

  • How to set permissions on assets
  • Why setting permissions on assets is important

Setting Properties

  • How to use functions that set prim/object properties
  • How to read prim/object properties

LSL Caveats/Constraints

  • Memory constraints
    • Bytecode
    • Stack
    • Heap
  • Event queue limits
  • Event timing
  • Weird Syntax bugs
    • Nesting lists runtime error
    • Multiple event definitions of the same type
    • jump bug
  • Pass by Value everywhere
  • Putting a ';' at the end of a conditional.

Send Messages to User


  • How to send chat for the user to hear
  • How to send chat that only the owner can hear


  • How to make a dialog box

Instant Message

  • How to send an instant message

Script Communications


  • How to send chat so that other scripts can hear it
  • How to receive chat from objects and how to filter it

Link Message


  • How to send emails.
  • How to read incoming emails.

Documentation Styles

  • Common ways of commenting code
  • Common ways of writing documentation