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while( conditionloop

•  condition If this executes as true then loop is executed.
•  loop Can be either a single statement, a block statement, or a null statement.

Any of the statements can be null statements.


Conditional Types
Type Condition
integer True if it is not zero.
float True if it is not zero.[1]
string True if its length is not zero.
key True only if it is a valid key and not NULL_KEY.
vector True if the vector is not ZERO_VECTOR.
rotation True if the rotation is not ZERO_ROTATION.
list True if the length is not zero. Note that correct behavior is only seen with Mono-compiled scripts; LSO-compiled scripts incorrectly resolve to false if the list is non-empty: BUG-230728


//single statement
integer a = 0;
integer b = 10;
while(a < b)
//block statement
integer a = 0;
integer b = 10;
while(a < b)
//null statement
integer a = 0;
integer b = 10;
while(a++ < b);


A do-while loop is faster than a while loop or a for loop in LSO. (see discussion)

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KBcaution.png Important: Please read this intro of how to iterate over a list in LSL.

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


  1. ^ The OpenSim LSL compiler will not do this implicitly. You will need to use an explicit check.