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This script is to test finding interesting content in-world. It will focus on Popular places, Top Picks, and the World Map.


Two users, UserL and UserB. UserL will need a tier and L$ to purchase land. UserA can be any normal user.

Opening Search

  1. Verify you can open and close the directory by
    1. hitting ctrl-f (which stands for Find. Change this?)
    2. clicking the Search button near the bottom of your screen
    3. choosing "Search..." from the Edit menu


  1. Click the "Search" button to open the finder. The "Top Picks" tab should be focused.
  2. Click through the Classifieds and verify they all have pictures and descriptions.
  3. Find a Classified that interests you, and click the teleport button.
  4. Verify you are teleported to the telehub nearest the destination and are facing towards the destination.
  5. Verify you see a beacon and arrow marking your destination.
  6. Fly forward to your destination. Verify the parcel information matches the Classified info.


  1. Choose "events" in the categories tab.
  2. Click an event from the list. Verify the description, time, and location are easy to read.
  3. Verify you can mark the event on your map and teleport/fly to it easily.

Make a Place

  1. UserL, log in and buy a parcel of land. Name the parcel "Vegetables", and include the word radioactive in the description.
  2. Right click on the parcel you just bought. Select "About Land"
  3. In the options tab, check the "Show in Find Places" and set the category to "Homestead"
  4. Set the Landing Point, and attach a snapshot to the parcel
  5. Set the parcel for sale.
  6. UserL, log out. UserA, log in.
  7. Open the finder to the Places tab, and search for "radioactive". Verify the "Vegetables" parcel appears in the Land tab.
  8. Click Teleport then fly to the parcel. Verify the beacon is where the Landing Point is set.
  9. Click the parcel's name at the top of your screen. Verify the About land floater for this parcel opens up.
  10. Set the parcel as one of your top picks by opening Edit/Profile/Picks and creating a New Pick. This should copy the picture and description into your top picks.

Popular Places

  1. Open the Popular tab of the finder. Verify a list of parcels show up within a couple seconds, sorted by Traffic from most to least.
  2. Verify that none of the parcels on the 1st page are Linden owned land.
  3. Select a few of the parcels and verify information looks reasonable.

Places Directory

  1. Open the Places tab of the finder.
  2. Verify the default setting is "Any Category" and "PG Sims Only".
  3. Search for "radioactive". Verify the parcel information is correct

Land Sales

  1. Open the Land Sales tab of the finder. Verify a list of parcels show up within a couple seconds. Sorted from cheapest to most expensive, followed by Auction.
  2. Select a cheap parcel of land from the list, teleport to it, and buy it.


  1. Choose the "People" tab. The "online" checkbox will be checked by default.
    1. Uncheck the "online" checkbox and verify the 'search' button is disabled.
    2. Close the finder and reopen it
    3. Verify the "online" checkbox is still off
    4. Enter 'a' and click 'search'.
  2. Verify it finds 100 people, in alphabetical order.
  3. Click the "Online" column button, and verify that the list only displays online users
  4. Verify that you can use the profile panel.
    1. Log in with UserL. Delete each other's calling card.
    2. UserA, find and select UserL's card within the directory.
    3. Verify you can view the user info.
    4. Verify you cannot change anything on the card.
    5. Verify you can IM that user.
    6. Verify you can Pay that user.
    7. Verify you can Mute that user.
    8. Verify you can offer teleport to that user.
    9. Verify you can offer an item by dropping it from your inventory onto their card. UserL, verify you can accept the item.
    10. UserL, log out.

(More visibility rules for the People finder are outlined in Estates test)

Profile Picks

  1. UserA, right click your avatar, and select Profile.
  2. Click the Picks tab and click the New button. Verify the location of the pick is automatically filled in and correct.
  3. Add a picture, title, and description to the Pick.
  4. Move to a different parcel a few meters away and click the Set button. Verify that the Location is reset with your current coordinates.
  5. UserL, look at UserA's profile Picks and verify the information looks the same as it does to UserL.

Groups Tab

  1. Select the "Groups" tab.
  2. Type in "Linden" and Click search.
  3. Click a group from the list and verify the group info window looks correct.
  4. Click a on a group officer's name in one of the Group info windows and verify it opens their calling card.


  1. Open the World Map from View menu > World Map
  2. Check the Popular box.
  3. Verify you can see what places are popular.
  4. Double-click a popular place and verify you can see the information associated with it. Verify you can visit the popular place easily.

All Tab

  1. Click the All Tab.
  2. Type in something and click the Seach button. Verify the directory is populated with items in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Click on each of the column buttons. The first button should sort by category, the "Name" by name, and the blank button whatever extra data is in that column, such as date or online/offline.
  4. Verify you can easily tell what category each of the list items belongs to - People, Places, Events, or Groups.