Single Click Test

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  • Make a box.
  • Put a script with a touch handler on it (the default script is fine)
  • Make sure touch() events happen on left click
  • Make sure hover icon is hand-with-finger

  • Set the box left-click sit
  • Hover cursor should be a sit icon (bug: no art yet, has exclamation point)
  • Click on the box, you should sit on it
  • The touch() event should not happen.

  • Set the box back to left-click touch.
  • Now the touch() event should happen on click.

  • Take a vehicle that has a "Ride" command
  • Set it left-click sit
  • Left-click should ride on the vehicle

  • Make a box. Make sure it's not for sale.
  • Try to set left-click buy. You should get an error message.
  • Set the box for sale.
  • Now you should be able to set it left-click buy.
  • Click on it - the object should become selected, and the buy dialog should appear.
  • If you have time, try the left-click buy on a sim with very low FPS and a viewer with very low FPS. There may be a delay between when you left-click to buy and the dialog comes up, but the dialog should always have information in it.
  • Make a box
  • Set it to left-click open
  • Try and left-click on the box while its contents are empty
  • Verify this fails to bring up the open floater
  • Place an object in the box's contents
  • Left-click on the box
  • Verify this now brings up the open floater