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KBcaution.png Important: This is an unofficial guide for Second Life Viewer 1.23 helpfully compiled by Second Life Residents. Much of it does not apply to the current version of the SL Viewer (Viewer 2).

Note: Page is Under Construction

There is no doubt that Second Life is complicated. It is also under constant development. So where do you go when you have questions or something goes wrong? This page attempts to point you in the right direction and answer some of the more common issues. It is part of the User's Manual, so for information about what all the menus and windows in the Viewer software do, use the navigation box to the right.

Official Linden Lab Support

Problems with your Account - You can go to the Support Portal web page to submit a support ticket, contact live chat (for Premium members), or telephone support numbers to call.

The Knowledge Base - This is a set of articles written by Linden Lab staff.

Help from Other Residents

At last count there were 403 Linden accounts, and there are about 750,000 resident accounts who log in regularly. Therefore by sheer force of numbers, the residents have a lot of accumulated knowledge. Often the quickest and easiest way to answer a question or get help is from a more experienced user.

Newcomer Places and Groups - There are some special places and groups set up for helping new Residents. You can use the Search > Places tab with the Category dropdown list set to Newcomer Friendly, or visit one of the following:

New Citizens Incorporated

Second Life Forums - The Second Life Forums were switched from vBulletin to Clearspace software on 10 Feb 2010. At the present time old posts are unavailable. New instructions on how to use the Forums should appear in the Second_Life_Forums page.

The old forums have existed since the origin of Second Life, when the archive returns (location TBD), try using the search function to see if your question has been discussed before, likely it has.

Common Problems While Logged In:

It's Very Slow or Locks Up - This may be due to a number of causes. Second Life uses a lot of your computer's capacity to run, since it has to generate the 3D view constantly. See the article on Lag for more information.