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article relinking

I've currently done a quick pass, and make sure some articles found here are also cross linked elswhere so they don't get abandoned/lost in page deletions. the folowing have been verified or added to categories as a start...

  1. Babbage
    • LSL scripts are all linked to to the script library category
    • Tests are all available from the conformance test category, may need linked to the lsl library
    • Benchmarks tests have been added to the lsl library

to do:

  1. Infinity's IETF/OGP information prbably needs linked into pyogop categories/pages, but I'm unfamiliar with that project
  2. office hours linked from this page need to be mined or transfered to the appropriate user groups
  3. Contact points added to a "where are they now" type history page?
  4. not listed on this page, but sub pages of formerly available linden pages need to be checked for relinking/mining/history inclusions
    • a few good targets for searches in the user namespace (including talk pages not included here)
      • Aimee Linden
      • Babbage Linden
      • Blue Linden
      • Cory Linden
      • Infinity Linden
      • Jack Linden
      • (Maestro Linden)
      • Qarl Linden
      • Robin Linden [also listed as a article page]
      • (Soft Linden)
      • Vektor Linden
      • Yoz Linden
      • Zero Linden

any and all manner of help is appreciated... there is no way for me to do this entirely on my own
-- Void (talk|contribs) 11:48, 21 May 2011 (PDT)