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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.



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LSL Scripts

Twitter OAuth Library
Last Sound System
Mandelbrot Explorer
Carbon Goggles


LSL Language Test
LSL Language Test 2
LSL Library Call Test 1
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LSL Recursion Benchmark
LSL Mandelbrot Benchmark
LSL Partial Sums Benchmark
LSL NSieve Benchmark
LSL NSieve Bits Benchmark

Office hour logs

2008.09 -- 03, 10, 17, 24
2008.10 -- 01, 08, 15, 22, 29
Session Talk at "LSL Convention" -- 2008/10/24
2008.11 -- 05, 12, 19
2008.12 -- 03, 10
2009.01 -- 07, 14, 21, 28
2009.02 -- 04, 11, 25
2009.03 -- 11, 18, 25
2009.04 -- 01, 22, 29
2009.05 -- 06, 13, 20, 27
2009.07 -- 15, 22, 29
2009.08 -- 05, 12, 19
2009.09 -- 30 (No Office Hours on the 9th, 16th or 23rd of September, due to a trip to Linden Lab in the US.)
2009.10 -- 07, 21
2009.11 -- 04, 18, 25
2009.12 -- 02, 09, 16
2010.01 -- 06, 13, 20 (No Office Hours on the 27th of January, due to a trip to Linden Lab in the US.)
2010.02 -- 03, 10, 17, 24
2010.03 -- 03, 10, 17, (No Office Hours on the 24th March), 31
2010.04 -- 07, 14, 21, 28
2010.05 -- 05, 12, 19
2010.06 -- 16, 23, 30


Infinitylinden.jpeg Click here for Infinity Linden's full profile.
Infinity Linden is a software architect with the "Technology Integration" group. Her role is to communicate and evangelize upcoming architectural changes to technical communities, and to ensure their input is fed back into the new design(s). If you see her feel free to say "hi", but don't be upset if she doesn't have time to chat much (or at all.) Her interests include Software Reliability and OO-Anything. Her secret shame is a nearly undying appreciation of JavaScript.
Infinity's home away from home in world is infinity is full of stars, but she currently does not hold office hours there.

More Recent

This is a discussion of what OGP is, aimed at the technical non-specialist (i.e. - you know about network protocols and software development, but haven't been exposed to virtual worlds that use OGP.
Linden Lab is participating in the IETF process to define the Open Grid Protocol.
What were we thinking when we developed OGP?
Various public resources on LLSD have failed to describe why certain design decisions were made WRT LLSD. This is an informal discussion of some of them.
To date we've used a mish-mash of annotation styles for graphically describing message flows in OGP. While something like UML is a good place to start, we figured we might be able to "tighten up" the annotation a bit. Here are some ideas.
When you establish a connection with an OGP service, it typically uses the "Service Establishment Pattern" .
Capabilities are used to provide trusted network peers with a pre-authorized URL the peer can use to access a sensitive resource.

Less Recent

Ideas for simple trust management between client applications, agent domains and region domains.
Who trusts whom in the OGP world. Why you trust someone else; and how you tell who's trusted.
How to tell if an agent domain or region adheres to the OGP spec.
A couple clarifications regarding the semantics of Accept:, Content-Type: and Content-Encoding: headers in OGP over HTTP messages.



I'm a Sr. Systems Architect at Linden Lab. I work to bring an overriding technical viewpoint to our engineering, and help our developers create software architecture that will meet our business needs, both long and short term. Externally, I'm a driver of our standards and interoperability efforts, and the co-author of the LLSD and OGP drafts.

Can be found on twitter.

Office Hours

I no longer hold office hours.

See also: User:Zero Linden/Office Hours/Discussion

Transcripts of previous office hours


2008 - present

At the end of 2007, Cory Ondrejka left Linden Lab.

After a stint at EMI, What's Cory doing now? (27 June 2010 update)

He currently writes on his blog:

Until 2007

As CTO, Cory Ondrejka leads the team developing "Second Life," Linden Lab's award-winning, user-created digital world. His team has created the revolutionary technologies required to enable collaborative, atomistic creation, including distributed physical simulation, 3D streaming, completely customizable avatars and real-time, in-world editors. He also spearheaded the decision to allow users to retain the IP rights to their creations and helped craft Linden's virtual real estate policy.

Prior to joining Linden Lab in November, 2000, Ondrejka served as Project Leader and Lead Programmer for Pacific Coast Power and Light. At PCP&L, he brought the "Road Rash" franchise to the Nintendo for the first time with "Road Rash 64" and built the core technology teams that completed multiple products for Nintendo and Sony consoles. Previous experience includes Lead Programmer for Acclaim Coin-Operated Entertainment's first internal coin-op title and work on Department of Defense electronic warfare software projects for Lockheed Sanders. While an officer in the United States Navy, he worked at the National Security Agency and graduated from the Navy Nuclear Power School. Ondrejka is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he was a Presidential "Thousand Points of Light" recipient and became the first person to earn Bachelors of Science degrees in two technical majors: Weapons and Systems Engineering and Computer Science.


  • I used to be Soft Noel. After helping out as a volunteer a while, I took a full-time job at the lab.
    • Linden Lab employee since June, 2007
    • Working remotely. I know all my coworkers 99% via in-world contact
    • Past life as a console game developer with experience ranging from nice things like the Xbox 360 to not-nice things like the Atari Jaguar
    • If you're actually curious about my history, etc, ask on talk and I'll update this page. Call it Just In Time Profiling.
  • Now working on bug fixing, open source, security, features at Linden Lab - visit the Open Source Portal to get involved too
  • A miscellaneous scratchpad for me
  • Feel free to edit my page. It's a nice way to say hi. :)

I sometimes keep Office Hours*. If any regularly-scheduled hours are active, find them below: