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Weekend of Learnging

It was said, there would be a WoL in January again ... now it's February? Is the WoL dead, will there be no mor mentor coaches classes?

It was a good thing to teach there, I will miss it.

I hope, someone will come with news about plans ...

Danziel Lane

The Weekend of Learning has always been an event planned by Residents, mainly Simon Kline. When I met him some days ago, he mentioned beeing tempted to try them again, but said it would be hard to find teachers and that many would be committed to other groups now. I'm sure he'd be happy when you'd contact him about it and offered your will for participation.
Zai signature.png Lynch (talk|contribs) 16:34, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Thanks Zai. Well, I know Simon and wondered why communication stopped in December and January, cause I had 2 classes for January posted all the time, but removed them when I heard about the education fair in SL ... and heard nothing from other teachers for the WoL. WoL is a real nice project and it was great to teach people that look here, in the wiki, for classes, they are very interested and motivated. Maybe it's a good idea not only to meet inworld, where IMs often are capped, but also to use this place (maybe better another page of the wiki to get to know of each other's plans. So, ok, next step is to contact Simon again ... or simply announce February classes :) Danziel Lane