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Template:Ml (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs) is used to display a module name as a link surrounded by braces with the {{#invoke}} "Wikipedia logo"parser function, thus showing the module name as code rather than actually invoking it. Its primary use is in instruction and documentation where it is used to refer to a module by name without invoking it. It is also supports the definition of a function and parameters.


Code Result Notes
{{ml|Example}} {{#invoke:Example}} Usage without function name. This does not produce a usable invocation.
{{ml|Example|hello}} {{#invoke:Example|hello}} Usage with a function name.
{{ml|Example|count_fruit|4=bananas=10|5=kiwis=5}} {{#invoke:Example|count_fruit}} Usage with a function name and parameters.
{{ml|Example|count_fruit|Fred|bananas{{=}}10|apples{{=}}5}} {{#invoke:Example|count_fruit}} Usage with a function name and parameters, using {{=}}.
{{ml|Example|}} {{#invoke:Example}} Omits the function name


This is the "Wikipedia logo"TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, "Wikipedia logo"VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Module link

"description": "This template displays a module name as a link surrounded by braces with the {{#invoke}} parser function, thus showing how the module name would be used in code. Its primary use is in instruction and documentation.",
"params": {
  "1": {
    "label": "module name",
    "description": "the module name without the namespace prefix “Module:”, which is added automatically",
    "type": "string",
    "required": true
  "2": {
    "label": "function name",
    "description": "the function name within the module to call",
    "type": "string",
    "required": true
  "3": {
    "label": "parameter 1",
    "description": "the name (and value) of the first parameter, use {{=}} to add an equal sign",
    "type": "string"
  "4": {
    "label": "parameter 2",
    "description": "the name (and value) of the second parameter, use {{=}} to add an equal sign",
    "type": "string"
  "5": {
    "label": "parameter 3",
    "description": "the name (and value) of the third parameter, use {{=}} to add an equal sign",
    "type": "string"

See also

  • {{mlx}} - Similar function but surrounded in <code>...</code> tags.
  • {{tl}} - A version of this template for templates instead of modules.

General-purpose formatting

Comparison of template-linking templates according to the styles of generated text and link produced
Text style ↓ {{tlg}} options[note 1]
to achieve text style
Link style
Linked Unlinked Linked with subst Unlinked with subst Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
{{tlg}} options[note 1]
to achieve link style
DEFAULT nolink&#61;yes subst&#61;yes nolink=yes|subst=yes braceinside&#61;yes alttext&#61;Foo
normal DEFAULT {{tlg}}[note 1]
{{tlp|1|2|...}}[note 2]
Template:Tlu[note 3]
{{tlf}}[note 2]
<template link>
{{{"Wikipedia logo"subst:tls}}
Template:Tlsu[note 3]
Template:Tlsf[note 2]
<template link>
{{tn}} {{tla}}
code code&#61;yes {{tl2}}
Template:Tlxu[note 3]
{{tlc}}[note 2]
<template link>
{{tnull}}<template link>
{{"Wikipedia logo"subst:tlxs}} Template:Tlsc[note 2]
<template link>
monospace plaincode&#61;yes[note 4] Template:Tltss[note 5]
kbd kbd&#61;yes[note 5]
bold bold&#61;yes {{tlb}}
bold+code bold=yes|code=yes Template:Tlxb
italic+code italic=yes|code=yes Template:Tlxi
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 {{tlg}} is the most general template, allowing any combination of text style and/or link style options.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Prevents wrapping of text by placing it inside <span class="nowrap">...</span> tags.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Allows links to templates in any namespace.
  4. {{tlg|plaincode=yes}} uses <code style="border:none; background-color:transparent;">...</code>.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Displays monospaced font using <span style="font-family:monospace;">...</span>.

Other formatting templates

Templates producing specialised formatting effects for given templates, modules or parameters
Code example Effect Notes
{{Tj|Hatnote|Some text|selfref: yes|category: no|lang: fr}} Template:Tj Supports colors, placeholder texts, named and unnamed parameters
<syntaxhighlight lang="wikitext">
   | Some text
   | selfref = yes
   | category = no
   | lang = fr
    | Some text
    | selfref = yes
    | category = no
    | lang = fr
Same as above
{{Tji|Hatnote|Some text|selfref: yes|category: no|lang: fr}} Template:Tji Supports colors, placeholder texts, named and unnamed parameters
<syntaxhighlight lang="wikitext" inline>{{Hatnote|Some text|selfref=yes|category=no|lang=fr}}</syntaxhighlight> {{Hatnote|Some text|selfref=yes|category=no|lang=fr}} Same as above
{{tl2|Hatnote|lang=fr}} {{hatnote}} Supports linking to sister projects (e.g., fr:Hatnote)
{{demo|<nowiki>{{Hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}</nowiki>}}
{{hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}
{{hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}
|| Shows code and example
{{tln|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote Produces a normal link to the template
Formats wikilink, with optional piped link text and blended suffix
{{ml|Example|hello}} {{#invoke:Example|hello}} Counterpart to {{tl}} for linking to Lua modules
{{mfl|Example|hello}} Template:Mfl Similar to {{ml}}, but expects the function to be documented and creates a link to the corresponding section
{{mlx|Example|hello}} Template:Mlx Counterpart to {{tlx}} for linking to Lua modules
{{ml-lua|Module:Example|hello}} Template:Ml-lua Link to Lua modules and built-in libraries, showing Lua code.
{{para|title|<var>book title</var>}} Formats template parameters for display, with or without values
{{sclx|LASTING}} Template:Sclx Takes a shortcut suffix in project namespace and displays it with brackets and the WP: alias in a <code>...</code> tag.
Formats [X]HTML tags; can add content, choose opening, closing, or self-closing
{{dtl|Ping project}} Template:Dtl Wikidata counterpart to {{tl}}
Parser function equivalent to {{tl}}
{{magic word|uc:}} Template:Magic word Magic word links

With utility links

Templates producing utility links for a given template (Hatnote used here as example)
Code example Effect
{{lt|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)
{{lts|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote(edit talk links history)
{{t links|Hatnote}} Template:T links
{{tfd links|Hatnote}} Template:Tfd links
{{tetl|Hatnote}} Template:Tetl
{{tsetl|Hatnote}} Template:Tsetl
{{ti|Hatnote}} Template:Ti
{{tic|Hatnote}} Template:Tic
{{tim|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote
{{tiw|Hatnote}} Template:Hatnote (backlinks edit)
{{tlt|Hatnote}} {{Hatnote}} (talk)
{{ttl|Hatnote}} Template:Ttl
{{twlh|Hatnote}} Template:Twlh