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Feature Design Document


Functional Spec

File format details are available in annex A of JPEG 2000 Part I Final Committee Draft Version 1.0.

Second Life treats jpeg 2000 codestreams as MIME type image/x-j2c. The image/j2c MIME type include extra packing data which was not finalized when Second Life first opened.

As of version 1.27 of the Second Life server, uploaded textures contain texture meta-data in the jpeg 2000 CME sections.

Test scripts

Texture Test

Edit Object Texture Test

Texture_Pipeline_Performance_test internal test

Texture_Pipeline_Quality_test internal test

Discussion for future improvements

Texture Console

Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.

internal test

Uploading Assets - You can only upload textures of a certain format and size.

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