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Message Layout

	UpdateUserInfo	Low	NotTrusted Unencoded
		AgentData	Single
		{	AgentID	LLUUID	}
		{	SessionID	LLUUID	}
		UserData	Single
		{	IMViaEMail	BOOL	}
		{	DirectoryVisibility	Variable 1	}

Usage and Notes

Used to updated various account settings. Values are set on the Communications tab of the preferences dialog.

  • IMViaEmail determines if you receive instant messages in your email if you receive them while you are offline.
  • DirectoryVisibility determines if your online status shows in people search or not.

DirectoryVisibility values

Value Comment
default You show as online when you are online.
visible You show as online when you are online.
hidden You show as offline even if you are online. Does not apply to friends.
invisible Unknown. Reserved for gods.