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This page contains a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcut keys in the Second Life Viewer 3.6.13, even ones that are rarely used.

For a list of only the most commonly-used keyboard shortcut keys, see Keyboard shortcuts in the knowledge base. For consideration of new shortcuts, look at Shortcuts SL-UX to minimize trouble in different operating systems.



Ctrl+Shift ⇧+I


second Inventory floater

Alt+Shift ⇧+S Movement > Sit Down
Home Movement > Fly
Ctrl+R Movement > Always Run
Ctrl+P Preferences
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+U Hide all controls
Alt+Shift ⇧+H Show HUD attachments
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+D Toggle HMD Mode (Oculus viewers)
Ctrl+Q Exit Second Life
Ctrl+T Conversations
Ctrl+H Nearby Chat
Ctrl+G Gestures
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+F Friends
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+G Groups
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+A Nearby People
Ctrl+M World Map
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+M Mini-Map
Ctrl+F Search
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+H Teleport Home
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+S Snapshot
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+N Show > Beacons
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+P Show > Property Lines
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+D Show > Advanced Menu
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+Y Sun > Midday
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+N Sun > Sunset
Ctrl+B Build
Ctrl+1 Select Build Tool > Focus Tool
Ctrl+2 Select Build Tool > Move Tool
Ctrl+3 Select Build Tool > Edit Tool
Ctrl+4 Select Build Tool > Create Tool
Ctrl+5 Select Build Tool > Land Tool
Ctrl+L Link
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+L Unlink
Ctrl+. Select Linked Parts > Select Next Part
Ctrl+, Select Linked Parts > Select Previous Part
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+. Select Linked Parts > Include Next Part
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+, Select Linked Parts > Include Previous Part
H Focus on Selection
Shift ⇧+H Zoom to Selection
G Options > Snap to Grid
Shift ⇧+X Options > Snap Object XY to Grid
Shift ⇧+G Options > Use Selection for Grid
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+B Options > Grid Options
Ctrl+U Upload > Image
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
F1 How to...
Ctrl+Alt+R Rebake Textures
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+1 Performance Tools > Statistics Bar
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+2 Performance Tools > Scene Load Statistics
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+= Highlighting and Visibility > Hide Particles
Ctrl+Alt+T Highlighting and Visibility > Highlight Transparent
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+1 Rendering Types > Simple
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+2 Rendering Types > Alpha
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+3 Rendering Types > Tree
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+4 Rendering Types > Avatars
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+5 Rendering Types > Surface Patch
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+6 Rendering Types > Sky
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+7 Rendering Types > Water
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+8 Rendering Types > Ground
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+9 Rendering Types > Volume
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+0 Rendering Types > Grass
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+- Rendering Types > Clouds
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+= Rendering Types > Particles
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+\ Rendering Types > Bump
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Rendering Features > UI
Ctrl+Alt+F2 Rendering Features > Selected
Ctrl+Alt+F3 Rendering Features > Highlighted
Ctrl+Alt+F4 Rendering Features > Dynamic Textures
Ctrl+Alt+F5 Rendering Features > Foot Shadows
Ctrl+Alt+F6 Rendering Features > Fog
Ctrl+Alt+F8 Rendering Features > Test FRInfo
Ctrl+Alt+F9 Rendering Features > Flexible Objects
Ctrl+Alt+D Shortcuts > Show Advanced Menu - legacy shortcut
Ctrl+W Shortcuts > Close Window
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+W Shortcuts > Close All Windows
Ctrl+` Shortcuts > Snapshot to Disk
M Shortcuts > Mouselook
Alt+Shift ⇧+F Shortcuts > Joystick Flycam
Esc Shortcuts > Reset View
Ctrl+\ Shortcuts > Look at Last Chatter
Ctrl+0 Shortcuts > Zoom In
Ctrl+9 Shortcuts > Zoom Default
Ctrl+8 Shortcuts > Zoom Out
Ctrl+Alt+Q Show Develop Menu
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+3 Consoles > Texture Console
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+4 Consoles > Debug Console
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+5 Consoles > Notifications Console
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+9 Consoles > Fast Timers
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+H Consoles > Badge
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+U Show Info > Show Updates to Objects
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+B Force an Error > Force Breakpoint
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+T Rendering > Selected Texture Info
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+M Rendering > Selected Material Info
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+R Rendering > Wireframe
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+O Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion
Ctrl+Alt+L Network > Drop a Packet
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+Z UI > Web Content Browser
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+P UI > Print Selected Object Info
Shift ⇧+P UI > Print Agent Info
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+` UI > Region Debug Console
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+A Avatar > Debug Avatar Textures
Alt+Shift ⇧+M Avatar > Dump Local Textures
Ctrl+Alt+G Request Admin Status
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+G Leave Admin Status
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+O Object > Take Copy
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+Del Object > Delete
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+L Object > Lock
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+I Object > Get Asset IDs
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+C Parcel > Set to Linden Content


Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Y Redo
Del Delete object or delete character forward
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+E Deselect
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+S Save notecard/script.

Navigation and Camera

W or Move forward
S or Move backward
A or Turn left (normal view)

Move left (mouselook)

D or Turn right (normal view)

Move right (mouselook)

Shift ⇧+A or Shift ⇧+ Move left
Shift ⇧+D or Shift ⇧+ Move right
E or PgUp Jump / Fly up
C or PgDown Crouch / Fly down
F or Home Fly on/off
Z Center cursor (Oculus viewers)
X Left-click target (mouselook) (Oculus viewers)
Q Align avatar to camera (Oculus HMD mode)
Alt+W or Alt+ Zoom in
Alt+S or Alt+ Zoom out
Alt+A or Alt+ or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit clockwise
Alt+D or Alt+ or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit anticlockwise
Alt+E or Alt+PgUp or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit forward
Alt+C or Alt+PgDown or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit back
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+W or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan up
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+S or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan down
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+A or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan left
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan right
Esc Reset camera position and focus

Chat Bar

Enter ↵ Say, also open chat
Shift ⇧+Enter ↵ Whisper
Ctrl+Enter ↵ Shout
Ctrl+ Recall previous chat/IM input line.
Ctrl+ Recall next chat/IM input line.

Login window

Ctrl+P Me > Preferences
Ctrl+Q Me > Exit Second Life
Ctrl+T Debug > XUI Preview Tool
Ctrl+1 Debug > UI Tests > Textbox
Ctrl+2 Debug > UI Tests > Text Editor
Ctrl+Shift ⇧+T Debug > UI Tests > Widgets