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About Duckie Dickins

I joined Second Life back in October of 2006 after being pestered for half a year by a close friend (Alana Czervik) to come check it out. We played a MUD together for a few years before I got involved with Eve Online for several more years but kept in touch over instant messenger. After telling me about Second Life over the span of half a year, she finally convinced me to take a break from Eve Online and see what Second Life was all about.

I spent the first two weeks hanging out with Alana and attending a few building classes hosted by now defunct TUI-Neo back when instructors received L$ for giving classes inworld. I then discovered TUI-Neo also had classes on scripting in LSL and was encouraged by Alana that scripting was where all the action was. At that point I was hooked. I chair camped for L$ every day to earn the 35 L$ for each of the 1 hour classes that spanned 7 days.

Having completed my 7 day LSL course I dove head first into the world of LSL Scripting and have had quite an amazing Second Life existence. Thanks Alana!

I spend most of my time with a very talented content creator, Lexbot Sinster. We are currently collaborating with a number my current projects listed below as well as being my roleplay partner in crime.

Things I Do

  • LSL Scripter
  • Melee Weapon, Roleplay Props & Accessories Developer
  • Avid Freeform Roleplayer

Current Projects

  • Project Prometheus - Roleplay and Combat Immersion System - Lead Developer

Public Code Repositories

Second Life Mailing Lists

  • Second Life Scripters - Discussion of scripting in Second Life - script challenges, bugs and related topics.
  • Server Beta - Good list to join if you attend the Server Beta User Group Meetings with Caleb Linden
  • Jira Notify - Automatic notification of changes made on Second Life Jira
  • Combat Developers - Members of this list are combat developers in Second Life and vested in improving the capabilities of Linden Lab simulators to facilitate their unique needs

In-world meetings with Linden Developers

  • Server/Sim/Scripting - Simon Linden's Server/Sim/Scripting Meeting - Tuesday Noon SLT
  • Governance - Kirstin Linden's Governance Meeting - Every other Tuesday 1PM SLT
  • Server Beta - Caleb Linden's Server Beta Meeting on the beta grid - Thursday 3PM SLT
  • Content Creation - Vir Linden's Content Creation Group - Thursday 1PM SLT
  • Web - Grumpity & Alexa Linden's Web User Group (Marketplace/Search/etc) - First Wednesday of the month at 2PM SLT
  • Concierge & Land - Wendi & Vix Linden's Concierge User Group - 4th Thursday of the Month at Noon SLT

*Second Life Jira

  • BUG-139300 - [Animesh] Add RC_REJECT_ANIMATED to llCastRay RC_REJECT_TYPES

Combat in Second Life

LSL Portal

Open LSL Script Protocols


Good_Building_Practices - A collection of officially verified building practices for moderate to advanced creators

3D Video Tutorials

Daz3d Hexagon

Daz3d Carrara


Daz Studio

  • PxlEyes - Misc Daz Studio Tutorials