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Many Lindens of the past and present have their own personal and unique teddy bear to share with Residents who ask them for it. Most of these Linden Bears are modifications of the Linden Bear made by Nicole Linden, which can be seen on the right. This article lists an incomplete list of these Linden Bears.

Linden Bears

Special Bears

While all Linden Bears are special, this paragraph is for those who are given away to special celebrations. It's also for Linden Bears for teams of many Lindens.


  1. The BigPapi Linden Bear is ironically very tiny (^_^)
  2. The Blondin Bondage Bear came about as a result of his work with Adult Content. Ask him inworld!
  3. 3.0 3.1 Colton & Ekim Linden Bears can both be obtained by fishing at their adjoined plots at Linden Village
  4. 4.0 4.1 The Enus Linden Bear is hidden on Enus' plot in Linden Village.
  5. The Jeremy Linden Bear is labeled as version 2.0 so an earlier version might be available as well.
  6. The Jon Linden Bear is called Jelly Linden and labeled as Version 1.0
  7. Joppa Linden wants to build more than one Bear and destinguishes them via a rarity system, according to their copy permissions and availability. Frank can be obtained at the I-World HQ.
  8. You can find Lynx Linden's Bear in the basement of Char's Footsie Office, hiding from the hungry looking hippo that's circling the waters nearby.
  9. The Meta Linden Bear can be won by solving a riddle at Meta's plot in Linden Village.
  10. The Rodney Linden Bear got a build in hug animation.
  11. The Rodney Linden Bear v2.11 has - besides the hug animation which was already featured in the previous version - also a built-in multi-tool (ping, goto, stand, ...), as well as many hidden easter-eggs, which include dances and sounds!
  12. In order to get the Simon Linden Bear, you'll need to take part in a quest which starts at the SE corner of Denby (128, 128, 0)🖈 on top of his house.
  13. The Soft Linden bear is lost somewhere at Ihruree and needs to be rescued!
  14. There are (at least) two slightly different Torley Linden Bear versions. One with the SL eye on hand logo (older) and one without (newer). He changed it after shooting this video tut.
  15. The Concierge Team Bear was available at the Concierge HQ.
  16. Full name: Open Grid Public Beta Gridnaut Linden Bear. Was given away to everyone who took part in the Open Grid Public Beta and sent a picture of a grid teleport to the OGP mailing list.
  17. The SL5B Bear was created by Mia Linden and there are two versions available. The normal version and the MEGA version.
  18. The Knowledge Bear gives links to the Old Knowledge Base.
  19. 19.0 19.1 19.2 19.3 19.4 This Bear was part of a scavenger hunt, related to KBAotW#31. Read more about it in the related blog post
  20. The 1.25 commemorative rolling-restart bear is made by Prospero Linden and was only available during the rolling restart of the 1.25 server software.
  21. Kate hands out her shamrock bear on St. Patrick's day (March 17th) only! Send her an IM to obtain it.
  22. No longer in circulation. Made by Kate Linden
  23. Made by Mia Linden, hidden at Eventopia (128, 128, 0)🖈 on April 24th
  24. TNT is an acronym for Tips 'n Tricks. This special bear is given to those whose questions are featured in Kate Linden's "Ask Kate" blogposts as part of the TNT Blog, as well as to those who write comments to these entries. The bear is scripted and gives a tip on how to alt-zoom, when it is touched.
  25. The AvaLine Hula Bear is limited to 500 copies and given to the first 500 subscribers to Avaline (originally announced here).
  26. Some Lindens hand out a Linden Love bear when you made their day (or week, month, year...). It's created by Molly Linden