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Work in Progress

This function consumes widgets while it simultaneously animates a person whacking bad formatters. The widgets are destroyed. This is the lede. (short high-level description of function, a few sentences to a paragraph)

integer llFunction(key avatar, integer widgets, float stickLength);

  • avatar - This is a key parameter which expects to be passed a valid avatar key.
  • widgets - This is an integer parameter which indicates the number of widgets to process.
  • stickLength - This is a float parameter used to describe the length of the stick used to whack bad formatters.


This function performs this specific set of actions under these circumstances. If the key passed to it is NULL_KEY, then it will shout "Nobody's whacking!" on channel 0.


  • Don't use this function to test whether a key is null.
  • (if you know of none, try using:) None known


<lsl> default {

       llSay(0,"The absolute value of -4 is: "+(string)llAbs(-4) );

} </lsl>

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