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To-mos Codewarrior (tomos.halsey)


Skills: Programming, Scripting, Building, Sculpting, Mesh modeling, Material mapping, UV mapping, "Seamless" Texturing, User interface design(HUDs), Animation, and Architecture.

I guess you could say I'm an ace of all SL trades.

My skill set came from video game design on indie titles for the PC and Xbox 360.

I try my hardest to extend sl's possibilities by bringing real world integration and standards to the sl scripting database and teaching math at a practical standpoint.

Our Gearwolf company basically invented a box factory that creates the boxes people think inside of, that's how far outside the box we love to think. Due to this standard it takes projects much longer to be completed.

My inspiration to do all this and work this hard is from one of my scripting teachers and mr Nexii Malthus.

Medium-time Resident of 6 something years.

14 years of modeling experience in real world video games (mesh/voxel).

10 years of programming experience in a variety of languages.



Steve the spider :3

A 4 legged custom physics engine driven spider mechanoid that uses Inverse Kinematics to move. It has a working repel line for hanging over structures and terrain adaptation algorithms to adjust its surface to work upside down and any direction.

Quadruped Wolf Mech

A 4 legged procedural mech walker vehicle that can sprint full speed, has weight shifting on turns and movement, and has terrain adaptation legs.

B-Spline Tail/Tentacle System

A B-Spline driven system that allows bending and moving multiple prims next to one another using low number vector points for tails and tentacle like objects.


B-Spline Tank Track System

A B-Spline driven system that allows bending many prims near one another in a B-Spline loop using terrain normal raycasting to generate knott vectors for a tank track to follow.


A few contributions and cleanups in areas of the wiki. Most of my contributions are found under the examples page.

Inverse Kinematics 3D
Inverse Kinematics 2D
URI Generation
Using Json Arrays

some additions to Nexii's interpolation library

Mesh you're doing it this PLEASE

NOTE: To you stupid mesh clothing designers that make irregular tessellated clothing

Regular quad tessellation - for rigged clothing

Irregular triangle tessellation - for cloth simulation

Two GREAT examples of how NOT to model clothing. Top is quads however it has way to high of a polycount. Bottom is just plain stupid you should NEVER use irregular tessellated mesh for anything anywhere expect cloth simulation.

Bad Mesh Clothing Example

Other tidbits

My little userpage shortcut to the LSL Portal. Another great link to Viewer Namespaces Viewer URI Name Space

Array Support through JSON Json usage in LSL

Built-in animations Internal Animations

Mesh Land Impact Algorithm Mesh/Download Weight

Car Physics Paper

LSL Editing

SublimeText Syntax Highlighting