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This page describes how to get LSL syntax highlighting for Joe's Own Editor a.k.a. Joe.

I'll describe how to get it working in Ubuntu 8.04, though it should be easily portable to any other system joe's working on.

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First of all, you'll need to get joe installed. You can do so by opening a command prompt and typing

sudo apt-get install joe

Enter your root password and confirm that you'd like to install joe. Afterwards, download the .jsf file from Google code.

Place it at the syntax subdirectory of joe. For me, it's located at /etc/joe/syntax and you can do so by

sudo mv lsl.jsf /etc/joe/syntax

Then copy the .joerc file to your home directory in order to make a small change to it. Type

sudo cp /etc/joe/.joerc ~

Edit the file and add the following lines to it's bottom:

-syntax lsl

Congratz! You just successfully set up your joe to highlight LSL syntax. Just save any lsl script as NAME.lsl and open it with joe.


LSL highlighting joe.jpg


This highlighter supports multi-line comments with /* comment */ syntax. These comments only work in the most recent SL Viewers (although the inworld editor doesn't highlight them yet).

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