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Items   Shows the total number of items loaded in your inventory.

Filter Inventory

Type what you're looking for into the search field.

  • Searches are not case-sensitive and partial matches work.
  • You can also search for permissions and links; for example, search for "no copy", to show all items with that permission.
  • To cancel or reset a search, click Cancel Cancel.

My Inventory

Shows the general view of your inventory.

Collapse Collapse

Expand Expand

  Click to show or hide a folder's contents.

  You can store items in folders, and drag folders and items to organize them.
Inventory item icons

  Each item type has a unique icon:
  • Animations Animations
  • Body Parts Body Parts
  • Calling Cards Calling Cards
  • Clothing Clothing
  • Gestures Gestures
  • Landmarks Landmarks
  • Notecards Notecards
  • Objects Objects
  • Scripts Scripts
  • Sounds Sounds
  • Textures Textures
  • Snapshots Snapshots

Linked item icon

  Items that are links to original inventory items include Link Item Link Item icon.
  • Example: Object Object and Object Link Object Link.

More options

Click to display more options.

New Inventory Window

  Opens a new My Inventory window with the same menu items and other controls, handy to:
  • Resize your inventory independent of the sidebar.
  • View two different inventory areas at once and drag items between both visible lists.
  • Keep your inventory open while browsing sidebar tabs.
Sort By Name

  Sorts your inventory in ascending alphabetical order.
Sort by Most Recent

  Sorts your inventory in reverse-chronological order by date acquired or created; so, the most recently acquired items appear first.
Show Filters

  Opens Show Filters, to narrow down types of items displayed.
Reset Filters

  Resets filter parameters to show all items in your inventory. Try this first if you think you have lost something from your inventory loss.
Close All Folders

  Use if you've been browsing through many inventory folders instead of closing each one manually.
Empty Lost And Found

  Permanently deletes everything in your Lost And Found folder.
Save Texture As

  Select a fully-permission texture, then choose this option to save (in TGA format) to your computer.
Find Original

  Select a linkeditem (shown in italics), then choose this option to highlight the original item
Find All Links

  Select an original item, then choose this to highlight all linked items to it.
Empty Trash

  Permanently deletes everything in your Trash folder.

  The Upload... and New... options are the same as those in the My Inventory menus.

  Moves the selected item into the Trash folder. It isn't permanently deleted until you choose My Inventory's File > Empty Trash.


Profile   Opens Item Profile for the selected inventory item.
Share   Opens the Choose Resident window to share the selected inventory item. The share button is disabled if you do not have transfer permissions for the selected inventory item.
Shop   Click to open the Second Life Marketplace web page.