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The MY OUTFITS tab shows all the outfits you have. Right-click on an outfit (or click ) and choose an option to wear an outfit, create new outfits, or modify your outfits.

Click WEARING to see what you are currently wearing.

What your avatar can wear

  • Body parts - Shape, skin, hair, and eyes item types. Each has a unique icon in your inventory. You must always be wearing one of each type, which means you can't take off a body part, but can replace it with another.
  • Mesh clothing - Assorted types, and like body parts, each has a unique icon. Clothing layers allow for transparency, which means you can wear an open jacket over an undershirt and the latter is partially visible. There's also a special alpha layer that can selectively render parts of your avatar invisible. This is useful for creative purposes, like being a ghost or a non-humanoid.
  • Attachments - Objects made out of prims designed to be worn. Necklaces, watches, and non-mesh hair and skirts. Attachment creators almost always pre-designate an attach point so you can simply wear it. For example, a hat usually goes on your skull.

Here, you can unwear items by right-clicking any item and choosing Take Off (if it's a clothing item) or Detach From Yourself (if it's an attached object).

Wearing clothes

You can wear a clothing item (or change a body part) in your inventory by double-clicking the item. Its name becomes bold and (worn) appears next to it. Wait a few seconds for it to appear on your avatar. It will be fuzzy at first, then sharpens.

Wearing attachments

Right-click an object in your inventory and choose Wear to attach it to the default attach spot. If you'd prefer to override this, choose Attach To and choose another attach spot. (Normally you don't need to do this, unless you're experienced at customizing your avatar.)

KBtip2.png Tip: Every object can be worn as an attachment, but not every object is designed to be worn as an attachment.

For more information, see Avatar attachments in the Second Life Knowledge Base.

Editing appearance

To change your appearance:

  • Choose Me menu > My Appearance or
  • Right-click your avatar and choose My Appearance.

Choose an item under the Body Parts or Clothes headers, then drag the sliders to preview changes. You can also click the preview squares to increment the sliders in values of 10. Some items have squares to change textures and tint. If you can't change an item, it's because it's no-modify.

When you're happy with changes to an item, click Save.

You can also make an outfit folder with links to everything you're wearing by clicking Make Outfit and entering a name. Outfits appear in My Appearance - My Outfits, and allow you to retrieve an avatar look quickly. For example, you can transform from casual clothes to a formal gown in seconds.

For more information, see How do I change my avatar's appearance?.

The Library

The Library is a special folder in your inventory. It contains stock content added by Linden Lab including useful examples of content, such as more avatars. You can't modify the Library. To see the Library:

  1. Click the My Inventory My Inventory button to show your inventory.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and double-click the Library folder to expand it.
  3. Open the Clothing folder to show various avatar folders.
  4. Wear an avatar folder by dragging it on top of your avatar inworld — but make sure you've saved your current outfit first!

Animations and gestures

Animations and gestures allow you to express body language and more through your avatar.

For more information, see Gestures.

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