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There's so much to do in Second Life that it makes sense to narrow it down to what you are interested in: Try searching with the search bar (in the upper-right). You may be surprised at what you find.

Guides and other sites

  • Click the tab on the sidebar and click Destination Guide. Linden Lab editors regularly scour Second Life for cool places and include many Resident-submitted venues.
  • Browse the Second Life Marketplace for cool clothes and other things for your avatar.
  • Visit Second Life Answers and ask fellow Residents for advice. For example, "What's a cool, futuristic club?" or "Does anyone have any recommendations for shoes with wings?"

Other Residents

Hover your cursor over another Resident, click to show an inspector, then click More. In the sidebar, click Picks tab, which may show some of their favorite locations. This is especially worth doing when you've gotten to know someone better, and even added them as a friend.

Saving landmarks and picks

When you find a place you like:

  • Add it to your landmarks by choosing World > Landmark This Place.
  • If you're really fond of it, show it off by adding it as a one of your picks.


For more suggestions, including Resident-shared tips, see the Discover page.